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        Protofyzika = searching last matryoshka dolls

All the efforts of physicists who wore them the world has ever directed primarily to finding prime matter, which is derived from any known structure and substance of matter. As a matter of objective reality existing outside of our consciousness. What actually exists even if it is not seen by anyone. After all the troubles and the futility of physicists in search of prime matter as the last Russian matryoshka dolls I have to say is not the last mastrjoška- substance for which there is nothing. The world does not have any material structures last physical structure towards the macrocosm to the microcosm neither. It's a rather poor knowledge, but it would be worse to tell Lies Ourselves. We are a tiny speck of dust to the macrocosm (eg. Metagalaxii) while supergiant structure to the microcosm (subnuclear particles).
So you have the sense to look further? Yes, it has. Yet knowledge enriches primarily material and spiritual humanity. But another question is: is the current, official physics on the right path to "bowels" of matter? It is not! It would icebonded quarks! Physically elusive, obscure quarks with antiphysical behavior. We're missing answers: What are quarks? What creates gluons? What is the physical nature of gluons? How fast and in particular why it changes its physical state physics called color? Physicists do not know; just argue. What is the causal relationship between quarks and gluons? Silence. It's an impasse! It does not explain we do not, for example. Why nuclei with more nucleons must contain approximately the same number of protons and neutrons. Why is there mononuclear core? Only from protons themselves, or from the so-called neutrons. weak interaction (VEEK power) it is just a mathematical construct, nepodávající causal explanation of why this is so!
Answers to these questions and many others can be found at Socrates. On the nature of gravity, about the nature of the transmutation of elementary particles, also called essence. Wavelengths and mechanical properties of elementary particles. Everything has a basis in the Socratic notion 4 fundamental particles (protoelementy) whose symbiosis constitutes the fundamental system called kvarton whose infinite set of continuously fills the universe (kvartonové continuum) and its variable configuration protoelementů includes all the material structure of our (kvartonového) "floor" of the universe. It is not stationary and nevažitelný ether; it's part of all material structures. From "Strands" kvartonového continuum are compiled all known structures subnukleárního world. Kvartony But they are not the last substances of the world. Just carrier "scaffolding" of our floor space.
And all this will tell my mouth alone Socrates, a wise monk from the island of Corfu.

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The Great Story about Socrates' wonderful Universe


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Quite unusual: instead of the end, the introduction.  
Kvarton‘s universe hypothesis, which I here put forward for consideration, I think that a sufficiently credible solves century controversy éterists with relativists. Age-old rivality of the two camps has created an ideological trench mutual misunderstanding of reality: Relativists failed to causally explain the existence of such a limit velocity of all the "empty space", nor known dielectric properties of the "emptiness" - the vacuum. In contrast, éterists can not causally explain the apparently antagonistic properties of "their" ether: the ability to transmit electromagnetic. waves and the highest frequencies. Which is often associated with ultra-high-density hypothetical aether particles, bat with zero resistance while material bodies passing through this ultradense environment. Socrates's solution to all of these views is the ambivalence of both a new perspective on the relationship of material objects and physical fabric of space. This view formulates the following definition:
Matter appears always whenever  is locally disrupted the balance of parity   elements of the structure of the physical vacuum
This is the alpha kvarton‘s physics! This concept don’t make spekulation of yet unknown properties of the internal structure protoelements as fundamental elements of the structure of the vacuum. Just based on pragmatic observation that these protoelements have the ability to materially affect themselves and bonded together to create the system. Ideal internally bound, with total harmonic system of mutual saturation of the material effects of four antipodean protoelements kvarton is still hypothetical, as the basic unit of space of our material, palate 'universe. Therefore kvarton basically Socrates protophysics.
      Fatal error postlorentz‘s physics, which have shifted to contemporary physics physmatics to physmystics was confusing interpretation of results M-M interferometer. The error, however, at the time stemmed from very vague to the mystical concept of the ether as filling space. At that time the concept of the ether, as foreign material, immaterial substance, without any causal links and organic material objects could lead to a correct understanding of M-M experiment. When was the idea of ​​the then primitive physicists around the globe flying the solid with ether after planetary orbit must be measured so called ether wind. The negative result of the experiment M-M, ended general feeling frustration century physicists and felling pillars of physics. In their apology, it should be noted that the material had no clue about the nature and structure of the gravitational field. They understood that hypothetical gravitational field "accompany" each body as it moves through space, but did not realize that along with rotating outer layers of the body structure as well as the globe rotates gravitational field. It is obvious that this rotating gravitational environment in which electromagnetic waves are spreading, showed Michelson interferometer to firmly associated with the rotating surface of the globe is no "ether wind". Luminiferous environment and the structure of the gravitational field body Michelson interferometer were to each other in peace! A completely different situation is Sagnacův experiment. There is evidently a local motion of rotating equipment to Sagnacova Light Conductive structure of the gravitational field. And therefore also happens MM experiment was missing: the shift of interference fringes, proportional relative motion Sagnacova device to structure gravipole! It is similar in experiments Fizeaua. Here, the light moves in the aquatic environment, which itself moves against its locally penetrating structure gravipole. Therefore, there is a shift of interference fringes. However, there is a complete "entrainment" of light speed movement of water molecules, but only to an extent which corresponds to a space filled box material molecules and the "empty" space between them due to gravity, (which the molecules move, and it is light propagated axial velocity c) . (Another type of "evidence" that there is no ether was an attempt by physicists Trouton and Noble with a charged capacitor., Even here there is no factual charged capacitor plates move towards gravipole structure, which is necessary for the emergence of "additional" magnetic field with which the calculated T + N).
Einstein's idea of ​​total relativity fyzikálií for decades froze and suppressed fundamental research material structure of the vacuum. When it became relativistic models of relations and in particular the interactions between elementary particles unsustainable, Einstein invented the earliest followers of wave mechanics, later promoted to quantum. A mystical physics occurred in the virtual. Mr. Heisenberg sanctified virtuálům their limited existence, according to the model dressed / undressed and conservation laws given to tails'; course within the Heisenberg uncertainty. Real particles could arbitrarily short time to "produce" any tangible, but the device "elusive", thus virtual particles and at the same time is also absorb. About sensible person asks: why? Why should real elementary particles of its own material substance produce and emit in all directions cloud virtual photons every conceivable weight just to get exchanged with another woman, even extremely remote elementary particle of his slight impulse? What part of the continuous emission spectrum "produced" photons hit the remote particle? What's more: who and what mechanism returns the unimaginably vast mass of unused virtual photons back to the emitting particle, as speculated czech academician Ivan Úlehla? This senseless antifyzikum caused Einstein negation of existence real material structure of the physical vacuum. His adherence to the tenets of reciprocity relativistic effects dilation and contraction, and the absence of absolute motion to the material structure of the vacuum. The superiority of relative motion as the only objective category of movement. If they are made in the future, initially unmanned interplanetary flights by nearlylight speeds, I believe that they will be on their decks conducted experiments proving the existence of asymmetric increased rest body weight to the structure of the vacuum actually is moving. Whatever changes the frequency with known Cepheids or direct physical experiments aboard proving asymetii mass field objects. (For more about the nature of these future experiments in the main text).
Socrates kvarton‘s hypothesis space transparently and fairly causally explains the physical nature of gravity without speculative, immeasurable folding space. Logically explains the so-called wave-particle 'behavior of elementary particles without the necessary mathematical "crutch" - the wave function and its antikauzálního collapse. Illustrates the physical nature of the movement of all elementary particles and their mutual interactions without the help of Virtual mystical of all kinds, as well as so-called "break-up" and the transformation of elementary particles, without the intermediate boson, without birth and annihilation. In Socrates physics four real material objects - protoelementy-not expire or is not born, according to circumstances, only changing the form of their mutual coexistence. To describe the world needs now several hundred various ways diversified called elementary particles, or multiple colors, redolence, and weirdness of quarks, nor need renormalisation endless physical values ​​resulting from the postulates of QED and GTR neider relativistic paradoxes of STR. The whole kvarton physics for a description of the "world" is sufficient to four invariant, ie, "eternal" material protoelements with three types antipodity whose physical properties are not transferable. All this applies in particular to protophysics the structure of space and material elementary particles. Follow-physics of atomic nuclei, atoms, molecules, solid state physics and applied physics in all fields remain in effect unchanged. Physics kvarton‘s universe does not yet have enough experimental information on the morphology and internal structure of four basic protoelements whose existence postulates. Pragmatically it can be assumed that they are material objects subnuclear size (Rq <10-18 m) presumably spherical shape with a direct link to the material expected subkvarton structure of space, which mediates interactions between neighboring protoelements and kvartons. About this substructure physical vacuum (subkvarton‘s "ocean" = 2. basement), it is premature to speculate somehow without relevant new experimental data. This will need to be further "dive" into the depths kvarton‘s "sea". Perhaps the one, perhaps inadvertently, contribute ongoing massive "cutting and splitting" kvarton vacuum structure in ever bigger accelerators. They realize that all those scientists' experiments at these massive "blindfolded" is? I do not think that their naive "demolish" the structure of the vacuum to be launched chain dismantling of the entire universe, but yet never be too careful, right? What if that kind of a non-binding, playing 'once someone started the Big Bang?

And now just a couple of really opening sentences:
After reading the book Lee Smolin, Physics in trouble, I remembered particularly those of his original idea: „the problem of the foundations of quantum mechanics can be considered as the second major problem of modern physics, it is necessary to address the issues of quantum theory either finding a clear interpretation of the present theory, or finding a new theory "(...)"Quantum mechanics, at least in the form in which it was originally formulated, it is difficult to reconcile with realism " (...)" One way to remedy is: Discovering a deeper theory that will provide a better understanding of nature than quantum mechanics. The fact is that the problem remains unsolved! It is not enough just to find a new way to understand quantum theory. Those who originally formulated it, they were not realists."  (...)  "Just as the apparent smoothness of the surface of the water surface conceals the fact that matter is composed of discrete atoms, and the smoothness of space probably is not realistic. Arises as an approximation of something deeper that is composed of basic units ... Some approaches simply assume that space is made up of discrete elements."
So this is for me the most important essence of the ideas physicist-theorist Lee Smolin. His thoughts I think therefore (without permission) borrowed the header of some chapters. And so I just sighed: That it took, sir, I do with those your "discrete elements of space," communicate "more than 20 years. What if yours yet unnamed, building units of space ', we will called simply kvartons?  You ask me why? Well, that is my whole long story. But let's gets we nice, from Adam '.
On the way to the depths of the vacuum

                                                     Part I.

                           Space, the bottomless ocean of kvartons

 For centuries dominated the physics of this very simple idea: the whole world is made up of a solid or liquid material substance, coated with something so rare, that through it some how it can comfortably walk. And all this, apparently freely, lying around 'in bleak empty space, in short, like ‚Something' in Nothing. Physics (except inflamed éteristů) course primarily interested in it Something tangible. And when we remove from our all matter of space, so it's Something we are left only empty, intangible and really useless space. Deep Nothing. So this might somehow be true since the time of Aristoteles and that's true, unfortunately, in many places today. Only somewhat strange behavior of emptied 'space when inserted into "the bone" bare mass, such as elementary particles with an electric charge, forced a bit of physics change their ideas and call the "empty space", to be sure, the physical vacuum. It definitely sounds better, and know that even more scientific. But also: "What if one found that the empty space is not so completely empty". Maybe some of them even suspected that with the "empty" emptiness is not everything in order that it might something more "is." Well, knowing, knowing, but Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (STR) to them, under the threat of eternal damnation, commanded consider the existence of something that could, albeit sketchily, to be material, ie material, Universal System. Any material US Einstein had been given "forever" to the ban.
So physicists prefer to stay with their parochial nonsense surrounding the paradoxes special relativity, paradoxically explained and mutually assured that it simply no other way. (See Section botched paradoxes). Physicists had the right to ignore this more ancient knowledge of physics on the specific behavior of the vacuum?

What physicists have overlooked, or secret displacement current.

Misunderstood phenomenal discovery: sliding electric current

Long before the publication of Einstein's doctrines STR, physicists was known physical phenomenon called inconspicuously: sliding elektric current.This unobtrusive and purely pragmatic name for the phenomenon, as the appendix of Maxwell's equations, covering misunderstood genius of the epochal discovery. For the ignorant only a short description: The circuit power source is the chassis plate of capacitor. Physicists at the old experiments with him noticed that when the capacitor is charged by an electric charge, appears in the space between the plates measurable vortex magnetic field surrounding the entire cross section of space between the plates. The same vortex magnetic field (but with the opposite vector H) can be measured even when it  is discharging this capacitor. Both magnetic fields are exactly the same as any normal magnetic field around the wire which the capacitor is charged and discharged. It can therefore be no danger to declare that the vortex magnetic field around the wire, continues in the space between the plates, creating along the circuit, source - capacitor, toroidal continuous "tube" of magnetic field. This is by no means surprising; experiments with dielectric bodies embedded between the plates origin of magnetic fields in them confirmed and we knows why.

Remarkably, however, is that it does not matter if it is between the capacitor plates a dielectric substance, or a totally blank, fixed space, i.e. real and genuine vacuum. In dielectrics, it was clear: the change in voltage on the plates of the capacitor in parallel changes the size of the dielectric polarization, which is caused by a classic counter-shift bound electric charges in the dielectric. (In fact, it is just a spatial displacement of negatively charged electrons) And when you move charge, so always around their track "turns" the vortex magnetic field. There is no problem: it is as plain as day. But what an empty vacuum? Why there also appears vortex magnetic field? Indeed, according to the classics, relativists there is nothing material, let alone a bond electric charges!
Instead of the physicists say, beware!, There is also something about moving! They resolved that it simply creates a magnetic field around variable electrostatic field. Yes, sure there is, but that's only half of the truth. For the truth is necessary to ask: what is actually different of ‚empty' space in which it is distributed electrostatic field from the same area without that elektrostatic field? Or else, what changes in the empty space when I put into him an electric charge? Classics replies: creates an electric field around it. I‘ll ask: what physical process has creates an electric field? Or: What are the specific changes in that space? What will be the classic answers? He does not know, just there, somehow, came after inserting the electric charge.
This is not a serious answer of physics 21st century! It is time to tell what is the nature of the electric field in a vacuum. About dielectrics we know: when we are approaching electrical charge to it, just  move inside him bound electric charges (electrons) and their movement around it arises naturally magnetic field. Yeah, this is quite simple. Therefore would‘nt be reasonable to assume that the vacuum is a kind of dielectric and that it also contains something bound electric charges? We knew a long time ago, by Professor Rydnik, that the electric charge embedded in, clean 'vacuum, this vacuum polarized. (See the following thoughts V.I. Rydnik) Polarizing something does from time immemorial in physics is somehow move the electrical charges contained in it Something! What is it that moves in vacuo at its polarization when polarizing means to move the cartridge? Is anyone able to guess this? Nature already knows it, but people are the last people blind. It is high time to stick his head out of the sand! No one else do it for us! Therefore, I offer to all, so far only led to believe that the vacuum is filled with something, the way Dirac‘s ocean and Smolin’s  "building" objects vacuum, but not in a state of negative energy Dirac as once expected, but the real material objects. In the ideal case of zero external physical condition of these material objects containing four basic elements of matter, two of which bear the antipodean elementary electric charge. Due to the content of the four elements Socrates called these, yet hypothetical objects kvartons. Meanwhile us, going on to describe the accompanying "displacement current" is sufficient to assume that a pair of mutually coupled electric charges inside kvartons the electrical charges on the capacitor plates pulled out of their positions in spherical kvartons. Ball shape all kvartons changes with this stretches along the line connecting the capacitor plates. (From a football ball becomes a rugby ball). And it is this spatial transformation from spherical shape of kvarton balls to oval balls represents the (polarization) movement of electrical charges within kvartons

When the charges promenades

Whole this "shake up" of charges descripts the following two charts illustrate:

The following chart shows what happens in the space between the capacitor plates inside those hypothetical buildings of vacuum - in kvartons, when its charging and discharging
                                                              Please, click on picture to enlarge

This graph shows three possible stages polarization of kvartons state between the plates, depending on the size of the charge on the plates. In the left is part of the charging phase, in the middle is phase of the fully charged capacitor and in the right is phase of gradual discharge of a capacitor. Size kvartons polarization is illustrated graphically in sizes ovality kvarton . The charging and discharging curve is indicated for clarity continuous state of polarization (ovality) of only one sample kvarton in the space between the plates, but exactly the same time course of polarization affects all kvartons in that space.

Percentage phased course of charging the capacitor size and polarization of kvartons between the plates, depending on the amount of charge on the plates.

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From both graphs it is evident that the physical nature of the electric field between the capacitor plates is the polarization (P) of all kvartons in this area. The electric field E corresponds directly proportional to the size of kvartons polarization, as is evident from the charge curve of the upper graph, with increasing (decreasing) charge Q on the plates increases (decreases) kvartons polarization and its electric field E between the plates. (P → E). And finally we come to a sliding Maxwell displacement current,  I(slide), the voltage U(slide) Feed rate around which it creates a mysterious variable magnetic field in a vacuum ..
The relationship between the variables Q, E and P expresses relationship: P = kE = kQ. Between the charging and discharging phases (capacitor) may be arbitrarily long phases with zero displacement current, ie, when the size of the charge on the plates change, which does not alter the degree of polarization kvartons; charge in kvartons change their position, and therefore do not move in this state the magnetic field is zero.
If this capacitor is connected to a circuit sinusoidal alternating current, the charging phase continuously changes in discharge and on the contrary.In space between the capacitor plates when it is real, alternating current of charged particles (protoels), but only within kvartons. Nevertheless, around this inner kvartons "stream" is magnetic field

The following figure shows a possible arrangement of four material inside protoelements in kvarton. The left: neutral (Hubs undirected, null and void) kvarton, followed longitudinally polarized kvarton and then electrically generated series of longitudinally polarized kvartons. Eg. between the plates of a charged capacitor

Please, click on picture to enlarge

First, the ball of kvarton chaotically oriented in space. Then, when you insert a small voltage on the plate orientation occurs in protoels in kvartons connectors in the direction boards. The following is a distinct movement of electrons in the connecting wires to the plates and the tension (stress intensity color illustrated boards) on them gets larger polarization kvartons. (Must be highlighted in motion protoels in kvartons and their growing ovality). Could somehow represent the magnetic field between the plates. Followed by a constant polarization phase during which the magnetic field vanishes. He then discharging phase (in the conductors are moving electrons). Kvartons depolarization phase occurs, ie a return protoelů in kvartons back into position null and void which will then reappeared mag field between the plates.

(One gets here).                   
Moscow professor of physics, V.I. Rydnik, considering the following: "The cosmic vacuum ocean surrounding each real electron can be in its immediate surroundings away from him slightly, while the positive ocean closer to him as well. If the vacuum still electrically neutral, then in the real presence of the electron is the hub homogeneity somewhat disrupted and a condition called vacuum polarization, which is subject to local deformations described positive and negative ocean ".

                   What manners electron dropped into a vacuum

V.I. Rydnik basically a direct connection to the vacuum polarization electric field implies when he says, "by inserting el. charge in a vacuum, this vacuum is polarized and of course there "arose" and proportional to the electric field polarization. " Thus, even according to professor Rydnik, and others, are the creation and vacuum polarization electric field in the space around electrical charge two parallel and identical happening.
V.I. Rydnik anger, fears, however the highest authorities of physics and thus obscures reality: instead of discrete local real idea microobjects electric bound carrier. Charges inside the rather vague fantasizes about integers, the oceans' electrically charged, which is said to somehow close to electric charge opposite to each move. But the buck passing completely avoid natural question that occurs to everyone: the substance of what is the ocean?! What is the consistency? It was absolutely rygid when it moves to a monolithic whole, or by the embedded electric charge? As in this case in the area of  ​​"pass", or two mutually permeate space monoliths with electric charge? Now imagine that there is some space, scattered 'several of the same charges. Where are the poor man charged ocean throws first?! Nope this way is not the way! This idea was limping on all fours! Punch is still bursting out of the bag. It is time to see the truth. '

                                 What it whispers in our vacuum?

Has anyone ever wondered what happens physically structural place in empty space when it creates or changes the mysterious electric field?
However since this Rydnik's unfortunate ideas displacement, charged oceans 'as well as by Dirac‘s, ocean electrons with negative energy' was only a small step to understanding that the entire universe is filled with real sub-microscopic material objects in which they are together bound material bearers electric charges, as in the dielectric material! Unfortunately, physicists seem to have legs tied, they are not able to do this step! Even wise Lee Smolin is not yet able to figure out his, heretical 'thoughts! It is most logical that, like in dielectrics mass in the vacuum ‚dielectric' between the plates must occur during the charging and discharging, the counter-movements, not any, charged oceans' as Rydnik raves, but quite real carriers of positive and negative electric charges. Real electric charges, real Smolin bound in the basic structural units of suspected area. That even around these internal movements of electrical charges creates a magnetic vortex field they already know. Yes, it can be simply and elegantly explain the existence of a variable magnetic field between the plates, without crutches "intangible" fluid-electric field. It is interesting that no one from established physicists interested in what is the material nature of the electric field! They contented themselves with saying that it is a state of the material field in empty vacuum. They created a formula, this "field" mathematically describe the material but the essence of the "field" no corcern Them. It was enough to realize well-known reaction of the vacuum to embedded electrical charge. The result is both a polarization of vacuum and simultaneous formation of an electrostatic field in it. 1 +1 is often the second Also in kvartons vacuum it applies: moving carriers of electric charges inside kvartons null and void from their positions causes the longitudinal polarization of vacuum, called the electrostatic field and displacement current with the magnetic field around it. Everything is connected to everything! It should just realize that the electrostatic field is nothing more than a polarized vacuum, ie opposite electric charges move from zero positions within kvartons. Going back to the question raised above: what is actually different between ,empty' space in which there is an electrostatic field and the same area without this field? Now it's clear: space without electric field have not polarized the Smolins ​​ hypothetical "basic building blocks", while the area with an electric field has a polarization proportional to the intensity of the electric field. It is clear how the Sahara.
It is certainly equivalent to speak of either variable electrostatic field, or variable polarization of the vacuum. However, the polarization of the vacuum building elements are, in contrast to the concept of electric field, the logical base material! The material essence of building elements vacuum polarization (kvartons), we can (manually) to convince, in immaterial existence in the electrostatic field we just have to believe. It offers the following relationship: the intensity of the electrostatic field in vacuum E = P, which is the degree of polarization of kvartons. Along with decreasing polarization, ie, with the return of bound electrical charges to positions in kvartons null and void, shall lapse and electric fields in this area; And this polarizing movement of electrical charges within kvartons, coupled with the existence of  a variable magnetic field can be experimentally detected. All those mysterious physical fields (electric, magnetic and gravitational) get in kvarton model of vacuum (KMV) "tangible" material form, it is always induced deformation and configuration "building blocks" vacuum - kvartons. It is simply a "blacksmith" physics.

However, it is quite humanly incomprehensible and inexcusable that physicists then this undeniable fact in the study of the structure of the vacuum ignored. They would then have been come to the understanding that in a vacuum, similar in material dielectrics, although there must be "invisible" (as well as those electrons in dielectrics), but the real, material objects, which contain bound, carriers of electric charges. We can only imagine what it would mean for the development of physics. Physics would have walked completely different way! Would avoid the embarrassing rape Einstein's STR and late dilemmas QED, including mystical and ridiculous virtuals. What had actually bothered physicists vacuum in the recognition of the existence of material objects? Their invisibility? Even our old familiar atoms are also only invisible carriers of electric charges Although invisible to the naked eye, yet safely, we know that they exist and that they are full of real, electrically bonded carriers of electric charges. And imagine that these "our" atoms are at least 7 orders of magnitude greater than the hypothetical vacuum-kvartons objects. We'll still amazed that they are invisible and our technical means are indistinguishable? Although, in fact, that a variable magnetic field between the capacitor plates do witnessed and therefore measurement visibility 'real existence of electrical charge carriers in vacuo. Like the trail of tiny bubbles in the Wilson chamber. So to summarize: flowing through the circuit in which the capacitor is connected an electric current varies between its plates, the electric field intensity. But we already know that the electric field is just another name for a set of polarized, the material elements of the vacuum-kvartons. Due to the variable size of the electric charge Q on the capacitor plates with different electrical charges bound in the "invisible" objects-kvartons vacuum between plates move towards each other and that they move in opposite polarization around them naturally generates real, ie measurable magnetic field. Proven existence of a variable magnetic field between the plates is a flagrant proof of the existence of real bound electric charges in the physical vacuum! Already own this indisputable evidence should "dig" all of physics vacuum. Unfortunately, it remains free of ice! Why this many experiments demonstrated the reality of mainstream physicists consistently ignored?
Even the ‚wood‘ physicists, starting with Maxwell, who long ago observed phenomena between the plates, a phenomenon called the Maxwell displacement current. I.e., knowing there any movement, shifting! So why did the later, postrelativists are so dumb?!

  Allegorical representation of the displacement current work in the vacuum polarization and depolarization.
      The two strongmen, raping kvartony 'are electric. charge on the capacitor plates

 Please, click on picture to enlarge

But it was not always so "free of ice." For centuries before anticipated genius Michael Faraday, that all matter together, despite the seemingly empty space, something touching and physical influences. Even when he knew nothing about atoms, elem. particles, etc. suspected that between the bodies solid phase must be some corresponding physical environment that allows bodies direct physical contact. But how these undisputed evidence the presence of weight in a vacuum combined with implacable Einstein's idea of ​​an empty, intact area, where him directed the Michelson-Morley experiment.? It was once again a step back into an almost obsolete ancient paradigm: Something in Nothing. In this respect, it can only say that Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity its long "floored" research and knowledge of the structure of the vacuum, this "stage" anthropic physics. Its great authority to us for a long time "cut steps" to the "basement"  of world. Instead of material environment interaction between material objects, Einstein attributed material objects only questionable ability to somehow "bend" geometry of empty space. It is absolutely no transparent and physically meaningless: his material material object action (other does not) affects intangible, abstract concept, geometry of space! Where it slipped physics?

To the physical magic? And I just ask you today koryfejs physics: How to bend intangible, abstract geometry of space, the thought constructs that have created and introduced the human men, as well as the coordinate system, only the mathematical description of space? Does this mean that in the area between material bodies bend imaginary geometric lines, the intangible lines? But if a material effect on the geometry of space is accepted (but with the condition that the material has effect again only and only on the material), it is then necessary to admit to a material space "filler" discontinuous structural form, which actually was not even in conflict with my view of the world. This, however, Einstein categorically ruled: for him is the only intangible space, geometric-mathematical structures; 'intangible bottomless pool' with twisted lines. Pity, knowledge laws of the material world could be a mile further!
        The question therefore no longer worth so when if in vacuo is real carriers of electric charges, but what form and structure hes those still hypothetical objects in ,ocean vacuum'. This will be the content of another part Kvarton’s model of vacuum  KMV.

Please, click on picture to enlarge
                       Vacuum, as a kvarton spawn  of the world.

Lee Smolin: ... Some approaches simply assume that space is made up of discrete elements ...
I have no problem affirming this view. The above described principle of displacement current leads straightforwardly to the existence of such discrete elements, which assumes Smolin. Robert Feynman once called phenomenon interference elemementary particles on the doublespot, the heart of quantum electrodynamics' (QED). (Even the so-called quantum phenomenon will be later explained in the kvarton‘s model). The same law should be marked to phenomenon of displacement current, the heart of vacuum physics'. This phenomenon is principally instructive for understanding the physical structure of the vacuum. Because we know that the magnetic field is generated around a moving electric charges (nobody so far failed to reverse, because the variable external electric field is a result of ongoing changes in the polarization of the vacuum elements considered above speech), look for the answer in the vacuum actually moves. Yes, we've already said, they are generally mechanical motion of electric charges inside kvartons. But who are the real hub carrier material and what is the degree of freedom? If the hypothetical electric charges in vacuum were completely free, no-ties, about how QED postulates the existence of short-living 'free virtual cartridge pairs would create in the whole area, instead  polarisated dielectric vacuum electrolyte and we would never have the renowned capacitor recharged! Believe me! Even the obligatory conductive ball, that him once used fyzicus to their attempts at the beginning of the discovery of electricity. Free virtual electric charges in space by these electrically charged props immediately neutralized. But this is obviously not the case! Free virtual particle with an electric charge in a vacuum, to the liking of QED are therefore unsustainable, unrealistic fiction! Would be transformed in vacuum to conductive electrolyte. That would be the end of all electrical and electronics! Hypothetical electric charge carriers in vacuum must be somehow tied in something, something that limits their movement, which logically explains why the vacuum behaves as a dielectric, and not as an electrolyte. The key instrument QED - Virtual-is, in terms of the behavior of the displacement current physically unrealistic.
This requires a completely different model than the vacuum presents us with QED. Described illogicality virtual model of QED vacuum leads me to the idea that physical real vacuum form contents plenty of discrete, real, material objects containing, inter alia, el-bound carriers charges of both polarities. (Think here on wishful awaited building blocks vacuum Lee Smolin) These carriers have known from classical physics unit electrit charge Q is nontransferable and whole his "life" connected with its carrier. It is reasonable to assume that each building unit of the hypothetical vacuum contains at least two carriers antipolarities electric charges, which, if basic, ie totál bound (void,) state, completely neutralize each other outwardly polarizing effect of their charges. But themselves if, for example, between the plates of charged capacitor start, hold 'their work: The effects of accumulating charges on the capacitor plates, these carriers vacuum cartridges void if spread out from their positions inside the vacuum material objects in the direction of both the plates and orient all Charge these objects in the direction joining the two charging plates. (Detail not shown in Figure: Phase diagram of polarization kvartons). The structure of wt. Object vacuum between the plates is polarized in this way, ie it has proven character dielectric. The fact Backward (polarization) of the movement of objects within the vacuum hubs already know that around the axis of the movement creates a space vortex magnetic field. We've already say it before. Olredy very existence of the displacement current and the magnetic field around him, requires that each one Smolins, building element vacuum 'contained at least two carriers electric charge.
However, for reasons of universality, which I will explain later, it is essential that the underlying object each vacuum contained but two antipodean carriers of electric charges, two more elements together Antipodean with no electric charge, so they are within each kvarton total of two antipodean pair, four basic protoelements material, for short - protoels. If there are four, namely kvartons. One antipodean pair protoels has an electric charge (Q +, Q-) and forms a group P. Antipodean second pair without charge creates group N) .. According to my stubborn idea that ifinite set of  kvartons, like renowned diracovský "boundless and bottomless ocean" filled with high density and homogeneity of all our known universe. In an ideal, homogeneous, space, called Euclidean, with all its kvartons found in the basic energy autostable, void, ie the state. Then kvartons are mutually self-similarity, indistinguishable, their physical activity outside of its volume is zero, because inside kvarton in subcritical volume dVkrit, there are four kvadrupodean protoelements, or protoels, (pp'nn ') in mutual kvadrupodean "Nails" by the three antipodal links , between four protoely has antipodean mass, charge and group. When all 4 basic protoels is located within the subcritical volume kvarton, dWkrit, all 3 types of mutual antipodean saturated and externally neutralized and their resulting external physical effects M, is null and void because it is saturated (saturated) the internal triple bond.
(Do I have to write that all four protoels have unit M bounty material effect on its surroundings. Slight difference between the values M of N Grupo and​​ Grupo P will explain later). Hence an important lesson: For external "world", ie outside kvarton his null and void volume, dWkrit these basic vacuum physical objects do  not exist, because it does not materiallyfunction about him! Exist in physics is materially influence their surroundings, thereby altering its physical state. The material function of protoels is in kvarton model's of vacuum the basic axiom! It is an elementary physical manifestation protoels, satisfying the definition of the objective existence of matter. But, as I wrote before, all the material effects of four protoels the void, kvarton is concentrated (saturated) to the volume dWkrit. Outside this subcritic 
volume is material effect of protoels zero! However, this is an ideal situation kvartons ideally Euclidean space, which in the real universe, fortunately for us, nowhere absent. The universe as we know it exists only because it is not Euclidean, that perfect homogeneity and external nullity kvartons is something disturbed. What and how is a homogeneous ideal structure kvarton's "sea" disturbed will discuss in following chapter of kvarton's physics.
But back to describe the structure of kvartons. Two mass antipodes, protoels  of group P (denoted by (p) (p ') are themselves also hub antipodes (Q +, Q-). Two mass antipodes, protoels group N (n) (n') are without charges. Hub (symbols antipodes are denoted by an apostrophe). Now comes across Novum of  KMV and physics at all: Both protoels of groups P, ie (p). (p '), are antipodes to both  protoels of group N (n), (n'). (Later I will describe to you how exactly this group‘s P-N antipoditys is the cause of nuclear "forces"). Ideal external nullity of kvartons can disturb, however, interfere with each outer uncompensated elevator weight, charge’s and group‘s action, which, if sufficiently intense, it may "break away" from each kvarton  protoels, which can then form the class of free kvarton‘s protoels - vakants. Uncompensated weigt effects of these free protoels (vakants) has on neighboring kvartons but sadly destructive effect: they disrupt their external nullity by causing spatial "lifting of“ the null and void from their protoels dVkrit volumes and thus deformed kvartons. Such null and void from Euclidean "lethargy" excited kvarton is inadvertently by itself becomes a source of weight effect to their  ie not quite compensated protoels to its neighbors in proportion to its "energizing." Unit physical effects of free primary M protoel the progressive interaction between mutually adjacent kvartons stretching increasingly spherical surface around protoel freedom, so that the rate distortion kvartons, the intensity m is equal to m = M/r2, where r is the distance of the i-th kvartonu with intensity m excitation from the primary excitation sources, ie from vakant.The following figure shows how spread tangible and hub excitation space (kvartons) around the positively charged free protoel (p). Ratios sizes of individual kvartons excitation not equations for mass and charge-excitation  m = M/r2, respectively q = Q/r2
In addition to mass excitations are here also applies hub polarization shown colored arched heads protoels (p) and (p ') Own neutral body kvartons are neutrally colored, beige. It is clear that the largest excitation to has the first kvartons excitatory skin around protoel (p). Because excitation kvartons has spherical symmetry, it is possible to keep the center protoel initiation (p), any number of axes and the image is still the same. The initial uncompensated protoel (p) in the middle drawings I have called for its structural inadequacy,  the vakant and spherical distortion (excitation) surrounding kvartons I called the elevator weight vakant field. (Later will explain that the structural vakant can be by not quite compensated coupled combination of two or more protoel). Vakant and its spherical mass fields together form a symbiotic spatially stationary physical system, in classical physics-called elementary particles. Spherical mass field of excited kvartons represents the sum of the rest mass of that symbiotic.

). Kvarton‘s space in a wide area vakantu lost ideal, null and void Euclidean structure, and it excited wt. field, according to the relation m = M/r2 theoretically extends to infinity. (Here you can find a physical parallel to the wave function of QED. Unlike basically mathematical, ie immaterial wave function has the idea of ​​an excited mass field vakant real physical basis: they will find ways of measuring mass kvartons excitation field). If in Euclidean space are mutually kvartons nerozlišitelé and disordered orientation in the field of mass vakant kvartons received the degree of orderliness spherical mass, respectively. Charge excitations according to the formula m = M/r2 respectively. q = Q/r2. If there is more space in the vakants generates, (excites) each vakant its mass field excited kvartons. Therefore all those vakants materially affects the same space, ie kvartons the same, it is natural that the substantive effect of arbitrarily large sets vakants the surrounding spatial field kvartons arithmetically added (summarizes) from each vakant and creates composite, additive mass makropole, generally known as the gravitational field. Based on this, it is possible to say that in the universe there are only somehow aligned and oriented kvartons.Zatímco Einstein assigns each point gravipole mathematical value tensor, gravitational mass makropole presents itself at any point size of the local excitation and orientation of all kvartons. Tensor is purely mathematical quantity, the degree of excitation is kvarton physical quantity! (Construction and essence gravipole describe later).
Please, click on picture to enlarge

Label those drawings: protoely (p) and (n) are stroukless. Strouked are antiprotoels (p ') and (n'). Protoels group P have marked features of their electric charges. Grupa N is free of charge.

Kvarton universe versus classical ether and even the principle of relativity

Lee Smolin: „You will need to discover a deeper theory that will provide a better understanding of nature than quantum mechanics. The fact is that the problem remains unsolved!“
 I have noticed in various physical discussions where I presented Kvarton model of vacuum this view:  the kvarton continuum is actually just dusted ‚good old 'ether. This view did not take into account the direct diametrical difference between the idea of ​​an infinite set of discrete kvartons and ether. I decided to include in this paper a substantive comparison of both physical hypotheses.. I think at first glance, it should be clear what is fundamentally different of kvarton cosmic universe from historical images from the ether. What have we know about the ather? Ether, according pre-Lorentz physicists, is structurally vague, extraneous material (intangible?, Discrete?, Or continuous?) Substance, oblivious to the classic material objects embedded in the environment ether. Classic ether and the material objects are not forming any type of physical custody, physical interaction, or an organic unity. Physicists before Lorentz are similar only in that the ether is inert, non-material environment. The respectable description of the basic substance filling the entire universe is pretty small. One has to ask: can be this historic ether bearer of electric charges? It is supposedly fixed and motionless. This alone gives a clear answer: He can not! Because it yet hasn‘t been discovered real intangible carrier eletric charge. If it still existed in the ether, its immobility could not generate the observed charge-polarization and magnetic field between the capacitor plates. It is connected only with the movement of charges. It's hopeless! Still ether even could not be a carrier of electromagnetic waves, which also require some internal undulatory movement of "something". Real world of elementary particles is permeated and expressed motion.Without motion is dead. It is hopeless! Without motion is dead !
 Michelson‘s experiment to detect the ether was unnecessary. Ether was already at that level of knowledge  inapplicable. His immobility  could not meet the basic requirement of the wearer electromagnetic  waves. Immobility eliminates any waves in Eater!
But most of all: No relevant theory of ether solve  absolutely zero resistance to the movement of  material particles of our world! Kvarton model, vakuové KMV, to elegantně řeší: známé částice a Socratesovo vakuové "částice" jsou z jednoho "těsta"Through  the kvarton in vacuum  are  transmitted only physical attributes of particles, ie weight (excitvacuum ation of kvartons) and their electrical charge (polarization of kvartons).

With the blade up into the ether? 

Please, click on picture to enlarge

Space, the "bottomless kvartons ocean" as discrete Smolin’s "building" elements of vacuum meets the above requirements. All kvartons contains four mutually coupled protoelements (shortly protoels), two of which have electric charges of opposite polarity. Kvartons may therefore be electrically polarized by an internal counter-shift in their bound electrical charge in the external electrostatic field (see Fig. vacuum polarization between the capacitor plates). This counter-movement charges bonded inside kvartons may in its surroundings generate the observed magnetic field of displacement current. No problem!

If is located in the ideal nulit  "ocean", of kvartons free protoel, as a vakant, than is this whole infinite set of kvartons outer by material effect of the vakant excited. Protoels in neighboring kvartons are pulled out of his from their null positions in kvartons and polarized. Symbiotic submicroscopic binding agent-to-vakant to excited kvartons wraparound "Ocean" is molded integral complementary macroscopic shape-elementary particle. They are two inseparable sides of the same coin: vakant and its generated mass, possibly  electrostatic field. There is no real fundamental particles without his agent and him excited spherical mass field. In this symbiosis submicroscopic vakant and macroscopic mass field consists the essence of corpuscular and wave properties of elementary particles. Vakants and their symbiotic mass fields are created from the same material substance, four types protoelements! There is no structural similarity between the historical, intangible ether and vacuum kvarton‘s model elementary particles! It must be emphasized: the real material objects of our world, elementary particles, don’t squeeze one's way in some superdense  but paradoxically intangible ether, nor rushing ahead! Nor could they, it still immobility! Motion of objects ether is insoluble Achilles heel of all theories based on classical ether. Whereas movement of elementary particles kvarton's field is such that they are transmitted together with the excitation only the physical attributes of physical objects. A basic property of elementary particles - the weight is "spread out" in her field as a spherical mass excitations of kvartons. When moving the mass object is passed between neighboring kvartons only this material excitation and polarization. The alone vakant walked trough kvartonsby that way: on one side with the most excited kvarton merge, creating a short-live 5 protoels configuration. On the opposite side of that configuration is then separated the other protoel-vakant the same physical quality. (In detail it shows normal crossing scheme over vakant trough kvarton). All kvartons in "ocean" remain without  motion! Undergo only minor changes in its volume and physical state as a result of advancing over them the excitation. For its spatial immobility aren't individual receptors of kvartons external observable. Objection to kvartons is incompatible with Einstein's special relativity; kvarton model spatial "bars" introduced into physics by Einstein cashiered universal reference system, ie the "scaffolding of the world."  I deal with this area, and I found a significant causal cracks in predicates STR. Judge for yourself:

                                            Botched paradoxes

Biggest rival of  KMV is¨nt the "lifeless" idea ether, but Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (STR). A. Einstein, after an unsuccessful search ether (known experiment MM), decided to "save" at risk "ether" physics and constructed new reference "scaffolding" of the world. He said it all inertial coordinate systems (CS). All inertial CS are apparently suitable for the description of physical processes in them. Einstein does not distinguish real movement which is associated with enlarged overlimits mass of a moving object (the object), from the apparent motion, relative .. According to Einstein's theory (STR) physically there is no difference between inertial motion of the spacecraft and such seeming "countermovement" of the universe to the ship in the opposite direction. There's the philosophical and physical contradiction: body actually accelerated, such as a missile, is logically moving also towards surrounding it (and pervasive) space, which was not physically with the ship accelerated. While other bodies (stars) in the universe is apparently relatively moving against the boat with the whole cosmic space. This is, by STR, very logical, because otherwise there would be no relativistic contraction of space between bodies, should this empty space along with the stars did not move. STR argues that by the relative movement of the universe shorts the distance between the elements stored in this space. That's the problem: can it be Nathing, Emptiness, really move? Physical movement expresses physically measurable change in the interim storage elements to other bodies. But how to measure the movement of empty space? Movement of Nothing?! The empty space is not possible to indicate the measuring marks!
Relative, but according to STR, physically just as real, the movement of all objects in the universe is apparently connected with the movement of the whole cosmic Nothing. As it moves itself, empty, intangible space that knows only Albert Einstein and maybe even God. Strange is that, according to the STR's are both these movements physically equivalent. Einstein’s STR  had to"built" into the Lorentz transformation equations (LT) and the assumption of contraction and time dilation bodies. Without this crutch would lose LT causality. The consequences of this auxiliary crutches is negatively reflected in many types of paradoxes: time (dilation) or length (contraction). There were already described by many, but perhaps the most controversial and also most conclusive proof of invalidity of the theory of relativistic contraction is the one with the railway station which just passes sublight speed train. Look how it is with the contraction and dilation and subjected to some of the "paradoxes" physical analysis

Docent Jelen, in Article Paradoxes ospacetime (ěta/články/paradoxy.pdf.).this "paradox", commented as follows: "
The effect is reciprocal. In terms of station is abbreviated train ride, in terms of train is abbreviated "moving" station ". And on the illustrations in the text are nicely illustrates how Mr. dispatcher revels that he now traversing the entire train comes into the station and the train crew in the back says: hell today the station is a short, or the whole train does not fit here. Yeah, to are  paradoxes! A lecturer Mr. Jelen obviously relies on the fact that it can‘t  that shorten station any real measurements to verify. A must therefore believe Einstein's formulas.Although Associate Professor Josef Jelen Csc, says that the theory of relativity reliably used for 100 years, paradoxes arising from it logically and without discrepancy can‘t explain. And where it goes in the interpretation of resorting to overt fraud. Certainly, it is interesting that in the "solution" of all paradoxes relativists himself docent Jelen used to measure lengths, paradoxically, time. Even where both systems are touching each other during movement. Eg. wheel with the rail just as the station and train. Why ignore it? Well, in the "solution" could be applied ‚emergency brakes' STR, relativity of simultaneity. And with that, can do wonders! When I asked Mr.professor: why measure the length of objects over time, my question "generously" ignored. He knows why! I explained to him that it is possible length of the body (the length of the rail station) quite comfortably be measured simply by measuring wheel, that the moving 'station (the track) touches and thus provides wheel of the train in rotation. The length of the station (its rails) can then be calculated simply by multiplying the length of the wheel circumference number recorded turns of wheel! Nothing could be more simple! I wrote all this to professor Jelen, the author of the above article, but is too scared possibility that STR was not correct. Fell by your idols! I do not understand why relativists hold like glue that stupid scheme of photographers stationed along the wall of the station and the other photographers in the windows of the train? Anyone ever thought that the photographers in the windows of the train have a large spacing between them?. How could accurately and simultaneously take a picture of the end station? My cardinal question still is: Why measure the length of the material object over time?! Sense of the state remains! Are there rotary meter length?! (Observe sometimes cops at traffic accidents. Maybe, according to the majority opinion of the nation's  they are slow, but quickly measure the length of the measuring wheel can). Why not take advantage of the fact that the train (bikes) and Station (rail) in constant touch? We argue that this hypothetical, Einstein's train not fly through the air. It's ridiculously simple: Vale train wheel on the rail and thus it objectively measure '. (What an army of photographers?) Just to add a counter wheel to any speed gear train. To this day no one really happened, Mr. Professor?! Occurred. There shouldn‘t be! Would have fallen idols. And it does not forgive! They say: dogs lie what you do not burn! But it burns me and I put together the whole experiment so that direct measurement of the length of the "moving" station was possible and transparent for both SS!

This is Socrates' versions of the experiment and train station:
Editing experiment consists of installing a mechanical revolution counter on one wheel of the train. Counter shall be switched in of laser in device A, located in the track at the start station and switched off to other laser in device B in the track at the end of the station. After stopping counter is the final figure for the number of wheel speed between points A and B, telemetry sent observers to the railway station and the observer on the train. The described it is clear that both observers will receive the same information on the number of wheel speed. Both observers know "resting" length train station (400m) and wagon wheel circumference (2m). But let's see what they report the revolution counter.
Evaluation: As I said, the counter does  necessarily give to the two observers the same speed because both is a copies of the data from one source. If the length of station is 400m and wheel circumference 2m, the counter for an observer at the station, in its rest system S count 200 revolutions, because 400/2 = 200 Nothing else can be expected if the true physics. But if the real lesson of STR longitudinal contraction station moving towards the system S' in which the train is stationary, then it should not count "separately" for the observer on the train wheel rotation count less than 200 times. Regardless of the speed of relative motion. Because the station is said longitudinally contracted, (according to the STR), which will shorten the length of track between positions A and B of the device, after which the wheels roll train, and of course a "must" in the short track train wheel to rotate less than 200 times. Eg. for the relative "speed" station, c = 0.86, where the Lorentz factor γ = 2, the counter should count from point A to B, only 100 wheel turns! (Station observers said the train shortened to half its honest resting length). But the dispatcher must supply data for the resting length of 200 wheel turns. Who can therefore agree with the counter?! Unfortunately, the counter can provide each of the two observers other indication, even if he himself begged Einstein!!. The solution is the assumption that laboriously constructed dogma STR and LT reciprocal contraction of bodies apparently not!! Station dimensions are constant in all reference systems.

The biggest advantage of this focal length measurement station is that in any interpretation completely eliminates the data of the time and taken from relativists hands "terrific" argument - the relativity of simultaneity! 
It is therefore no wonder that associate professor Jelen in all three of his "explanation" of paradoxes in the above article, always consistently compose phenomenon of relativity simultaneity. While it is easier and more logical length reciprocate the "moving" object to measure the mechanical contact rotary meter. Rock defender relativistic contraction may argue that the counter on the way to the dispatcher may change. The figure on the number of wheel turns can go through the whole Galaxy, but that its the numeric information about the turns can not be changed. But even for such trustless I have a simple solution: it measuring wheel train I will add plain colored spray that will be in operation at the direction of device A and disengage the device instruction B. Every time the wheel rotates so that spray heads to the ground strikes the smooth surface of college track and mark there. Doubting defender STR with dispatcher after passing train can personally count the spray tracks. Just not until the arrival of the next train to do. And if he can count, he must count 200 feet. Just because it has a length of 400 m station.  But the observer on the train has no reason to disbelieve his abacus with which it calmly. And he must count only 100 revolutions, and thus 100 feet on the rail between points A and B, because his station, according to STR shortened by half to 200m.The old rule of physics says: theory can be confirmed many times, but just a single experiment, which it refutes a theory falls. Experiment and train station measured by the wheel train turns disproves the existence of the phenomenon of contraction the velocity bodies. Both observers get the same information on the length of the station. Associate Professor Jelen me trying fatherly 'appease the contraction occurs only when speeds and in our "slow" world does not occur. No, Mr. Professor, contraction according to LT if they existed, would have to be adequately manifest for each non-zero speed. Her measured, then it is just a matter of the selected measurement techniques, rather than the principle of the existence of the phenomenon. But the counter wheel speed train really can not give both the above values ​​of different observers station! The principle can not, for any nonzero speed! For each v> 0.
That somehow imagines Associate Professor Josef Jelen paradox train and the station, from the perspective dispatcher at the station and below that, in view of the conductor in a "stationary" train. I also joined the 3rd part where I "cut" unnecessary props and leaves a wheel and track, so you can even visually compare the length of the track between the control points for the counter A and B from the point of view of both observers.On the first view it is clear that from the dispatcher is the stretch of track substantially longer and therefore it after rolling measuring wheel must rotate more times than on the shorter length "seen" of crew. Specifically, according to input image to be the dispatcher at the marked section A - B rotate 9x and crew only 5.5 times. But it measuring wheel is just only one a counter, which also and therefore can not give any other indication of the speed dispatcher and another crew!! 

 Please, click on picture to enlarge

In particular, the third part of the figure shows the absurdity of Theses STR about reciprocal contraction lengths of bodies in mutual inertial motion. The measuring wheel is carried out on the line defined by points A, B, either 180/20 or 110/20 rpm. This is incompatible with real physics!

                                             Twins Paradox

Just goes infamous, proclaimed the principle of time dilation in various CS to each other with the inertial moving. The best known species is the paradox of twins. Mountains of paper were described in an attempt to explain this paradox. Even leading Czech guru and author of Fundamentals of the special theory of relativity, academic Václav Votruba, claims that both the inertial motions of the Earth and the spacecraft in terms of relativistic effects interchangeable, so that, looking ' Earth lags own time ship for earthly time, but, view 'boat on the contrary, the time of the Earth (and the universe?) said delaying real time against their own ship. That's obvious nonsense that tA> tB> tA, but what to do? "Solution" was found! Time Earth is said and really really lags behind its own time vessel only if their relative motion of inertia. Right! BATV ship turnaround time, there in outer space is said to Mother Earth dejo things unseen, unheard of! During this turnaround astro boat when its movement toward Earth apparently Nonconservative, the time on the remote earth (in the whole universe?) Steeply up and running, so to catch his supposedly real Earth time delay time to ship. But that's not all. Countries need time during that turn the ship in addition to get such a head start  for its further delays compared to a ship on its way back again, inertia, so that when the ship and Earth meet, the ship time was significantly delayed in time for Earth. Simply, time to time, the Earth ship twice during the inertia phase has come a flight is late in returning the ship but actually far ahead of time Earth ship time. Just the Nonconservative, in terms of duration of flight, ultrakrátkodobá turnaround in the space ship dálavách works wonders! . Physicists "solve" their illogical paradox acceleration time Earth is at a time when the ship and the Earth as far apart as you, and who dares to confront each other?! They set his equation so that with the use the ,emergency brake', (relativity of simultaneity) to wolf (relativity) will eat and the goat (time Earth and Universe) remained ‚untouched'.
In orde that I shattered this "crazy" design on real delay the Earth time to the spaceship and his ‚magical' acceleration during swing ship in deep space, I put together a thought experiment without of the "key" swing. I went on the assumption that the comparison of the aging of both twins is not necessary their physical presence at one point (ie the Earth). For precise confrontation of their lives more than a comparison of their appearance (hair?), will serve comparing the twins' biometrics (eg heart rate) recorded during the selected segment repositioning a ship to Earth and telemetered transported back to the point of comparison. This can be obtained by this arrangement of the experiment:      
 From Earth is sent spaceship with one twin towards the planet XY orbiting, say, star Alfa, which is at a distance of 4.9 ly from Earth .. On this planet in the long term is a terrestrial landing researchers. The ship is moving at 0.98 c, so she approaches the planet XY for 5 Earth‘s years from the date of launch. Both twins are still monitored and summarized device heartbeat. When the ship close approach to the planet XY than from spaceship will transmitted the telemetry set of biometric data on astrotwin, but the boat continues uninterrupted inertial motion farther into space. There is no reason to speed up the time on earth!!
Researchers sent by e-mail the entire set of data on its home to planet Earth. There will "load" for 5 years from the ship encounters with the planet, ie 10 years after the launch of the spaceship from Earth.That is all.
Just one little thing: On earth can compare biometric data received from astrotwin with those of earth, obtained during the first 5 years since launch spaceship . This corresponds to the time of closest approach the spaceship to the planet XY and sending the biometric data from  astronauts to Earth. Assume that the average heart rate of both siblings is 80 beats / minute. Thus, 115,200 beats / day, and 42 048 000/year 210,240,000 over 5 years. It is undisputed that during the five Earth‘s years, ie since the start of the ship until the time when the spaceship really misses the planet XY, executed summarily Earth’s twin hearts demonstrably about 210 million pulses.Now let us calculate how many beats executed from the start until the missing planet XY twin on the ship? The ship is moving at 0.98 c which belongs Lorentz factor gamma = 5 . As a result of this speed movement of the ship is its own time slowed down to 5 x  to earthly time, so on the boat actually elapsed from the start until the encounter with the planet XY one ship‘s year. The total number of heartbeats astrotwin for 1 ship‘s year will be 42,048,000 beatsThis objectively ship unit data will be recorded telemetry transmitted to Earth and found to be correct. This difference is the objective consequence of time dilation in spaceship caused by the real ship motion (which is responsible for five times uprest weight of everything in the boat) to the structure of the vacuum, thus kvarton‘s continuum. That's all right.

But according to Einstein's STR astronauts have also said the same right to think that they had his ship stand motionless in space and speed 0.98 c from the ship moves Earth (and the entire universe) and, therefore, that the time on the inertial run away Earth , according to the STR, 5 x slows versus time of sailors. So from the "start" the Earth until the moment when the "standing" boat just misses the passing planet XY, (as part of the Universe) is said to expire at the retreating Earth, according to Mr. Einstein equations, only 1/5 to the ship’s time, ie about 73 days Earth. (73 turns of globe), and thus the heart of the earth twin in this interval apparently, according to Einstein, not executes 210 million pulses, as shown by earthly instruments, but only 8,294,400 beatsAnd this is a contradiction as hell! In the above described interval defined by changing the physical position of the ship to the planet Earth and planet XY is said to perform heart twin on Earth, by, A.E, just over 8 million beats but objective meter next to the twin recorded 210 million beats. Because in five Earth‘s years, or during the 1825 turns of globe can not be less! (Airdrop researchers on the planet XY trap with biometric data confirm that a meeting took place with the boat 5 years after the launch of the ship from the Earth). 
The principle of reciprocity, according to STR, leads to two irreconcilably paradoxical results: "From the perspective of" cosmonauts say earthly twin hearts beats in the interval defined by the physical relocation of the ship between the Earth and the planet XY, due to the time lag Earth, only 8 million beats, but ground-based instruments are in the same interval  'good 210 million beats. Relativistic "view" by the astronauts is refuted actually measured values!! Obviously, without the introduction of swing  boat, the design with STR reciprocity of time dilation is in the anal!. Boat crew hasn‘t causal reason to believe that it may be inertial motion physically swap counter-reciprocating motion of the Earth (and the universe) with all relativistic effects on the passage of time the Earth! Real diatace time (slow internal reactivity of solids) is caused by a kinetic equivalent, ie, asymmetric, uprest body weight, which secondarily produces realistic motion of bodies to kvarton’s world "lattice". As it originally calculated Hendrik Lorentz. Mentioned "paradoxes" only testify that Einstein's Thesis of physical equivalence of all inertial reference frames and reciprocity relativistic effects of contraction and dilation is not true.

demons that I fathered, I can not help

                       Virtuals – the modern physical mythology

Somewhat different direction went to Einstein's contemporaries and others followers in an effort to somehow "physically" legalize overt physical connectivity of the material world. They invented QED and its virtuals - disgraceful hybrid reality and Heisenberg‘s fyzmagie. Physical reality is led him to the realization that submicroscopic elementary particles, despite considerable mutual remoteness, (due to its size) to yourself somehow physically active. Must, therefore, in that space between them exist something that mediates this effect, carry. But it mustn‘t be some form of full material fills the space. This would not give them their "rabbi physics" let! It is up to deceive virtual, a sort semireál, seminotreál particles that are not, because normally identifiable, let alone grasp. Virtuáls are particles that are and are not like. Here, fantasy and mysticism celebrated a feast.  To the detriment of physics.
Just to quote some authority, be it mentioned Moscow professor of physics V.I. Rydnik: "Owing to process of exchange of virtual photons electron" knows“ despite the existence of empty space his comrade in another location area. Electron must therefore be able to spontaneously emit a photon. " A further writes: "But what if the electron is free and does not move, so that its kinetic and potential energy is zero? In this case, the electron is forced to "borrow" the photon of rest its own energy. (Simply "rip a piece of his body"). Such a process is photon emission from the classical point of view strictly prohibited. Quantum mechanics (and her father) is less categorical, allows such processes but on one condition-it must be finished within the uncertainty between energy and time. How fast electron emits and absorbs a photon, in turn, depends only on the photon energy. The higher the energy, the more quickly the electron to complete such an event. But if emited and  absorbed electron a photon, which itself was born before that, should this process in terms of interaction no meaning. Photon is different from the same photon energy indistinguishable, doesn¨t any "moles", so that the electron can not distinguish their own returned absorbed photon of a photon from a stranger. But all foreign photon absorption has a very clear meaning: there is interaction between the electrons; the electrons repel each other "And here is buried the pooch!
Someone perceives this apparent contradiction?! Electron apparently is not able distinguish by absorb own 'photon from, a foreign', but reliably responds by moving only in absorbing foreign photon; the absorption, its' photon is not working. Is someone able to explain to us why the responsible electron responds only to foreign photon absorption, though for him are one‘s own and foreign photons indistinguishable?! According to what thus recognize foreign from their own?

I'd like to suggest a very reliable method of resolution of foreign and own photons: Since the foreign travel is very far probably he have lice; on the road toohygiene holdings. So, the electron which comes photons simply get viewing his head. It's brilliant! I do not know that the fysisists it are so naïve.                 
e. T% � i u �� (�h number of wheel turns can go through the whole Galaxy, but that its the numeric information about the turns can not be changed. But even for such trustless I have a simple solution: it measuring wheel train I will add plain colored spray that will be in operation at the direction of device A and disengage the device instruction B. Every time the wheel rotates so that spray heads to the ground strikes the smooth surface of college track and mark there. Doubting defender STR with dispatcher after passing train can personally count the spray tracks. Just not until the arrival of the next train to do. And if he can count, he must count 200 feet. Just because it has a length of 400 m station.  But the observer on the train has no reason to disbelieve his abacus with which it calmly. And he must count only 100 revolutions, and thus 100 feet on the rail between points A and B, because his station, according to STR shortened by half to 200m.The old rule of physics says: theory can be confirmed many times, but just a single experiment, which it refutes a theory falls. Experiment and train station measured by the wheel train turns disproves the existence of the phenomenon of contraction the velocity bodies. Both observers get the same information on the length of the station. Associate Professor Jelen me trying fatherly 'appease the contraction occurs only when speeds and in our "slow" world does not occur. No, Mr. Professor, contraction according to LT if they existed, would have to be adequately manifest for each non-zero speed. Her measured, then it is just a matter of the selected measurement techniques, rather than the principle of the existence of the phenomenon. But the counter wheel speed train really can not give both the above values ​​of different observers station! The principle can not, for any nonzero speed! For each v> 0.

That somehow imagines Associate Professor Josef Jelen paradox train and the station, from the perspective dispatcher at the station and below that, in view of the conductor in a "stationary" train. I also joined the 3rd part where I "cut" unnecessary props and leaves a wheel and track, so you can even visually compare the length of the track between the control points for the counter A and B from the point of view of both observers.On the first view it is clear that from the dispatcher is the stretch of track substantially longer and therefore it after rolling measuring wheel must rotate more times than on the shorter length "seen" of crew. Specifically, according to input image to be the dispatcher at the marked section A - B rotate 9x and crew only 5.5 times. But it measuring wheel is just only one a counter, which also and therefore can not give any other indication of the speed dispatcher and another crew!! 

Please, click on picture to enlarge

This monstrous antilogikum is the biggest Achilles heel to QED! Lee Smolin it probably already aware, but other physicists that have "generously" ignore, do not because of some "stupid" logic break down their "grand" idea work. In addition, so-called virtual photons have another one, particularity ': post-issuance apparently do not fly straight away from the electron, how the photons is well behaved, but apparently, according to Professor Ivan Úlehla, with the parabolic arch (bend) return back to the emitter. What physical force rotates the direction of movement of these photons back to the emitter, the professor did not communicate. Is it so obvious? (Mirrors there probably do not). Administrative fysicists about this "stupid" do not ask. (Maul halten und weiter dienen!). Professor Ivan Úlehla in his book drew a really nice elastic crow's feet showing retrograde movement of virtual photons, something like the petals of flowers. Is this even still a photon? Photon, which is free from external physical causes rotates back to the emitter? Photon, which, though in principle indistinguishable from all the others, but its mechanical absorber responds only to those non one‘s ewn"! But qanťáci are at rest.                                             
                                      Úlehla‘s photon flowers 

Please, click on picture to enlarge

Professor Úlehla with virtual photons demonstrates the attractive force between the proton and electron. How is a repulsive force between two electrons with the same photons are, unfortunately, revealed!There is another antifyzikum: how and Professor Ivan Úlehla writes that electrons can (and should?) Emit photons for all possible types of interactions, ie photons every conceivable (and infinitely large?) Weight. That in itself is a monstrous nonsense: rational physics here passes into mysticism where everything is permitted and really reaches the level of religious ideas about the omnipotence of God. It is still necessary to persuade somebody, that idea of selfreturned the "unused" virtual photons as real agents of interaction between material objects is misleading and illogical. She is not sufficiently "crazy" is just a lot of stupid and irrational. Yet it is clear that the material objects with each other through "something" "communicate." But how?! Kvarton's physics says touch with their "endless" elevator weight field! So how come he knew 200 years ago practitioner Michael Faraday.  Only one thing is not clear to me: what forces to attracting virtuals with no electric charge! You probably annihilate accidental collisions.


QED assumes more interesting, Heisenberg and therefore allowable real phenomenon: in the physical vacuum is said constantly (I do not know how often and with what energy) is "born" and then disappear not only virtual photons, but also a pair of virtual particles and antiparticles of all kinds. Thus, even particles with electric charge. "Pop" from the vacuum enjoy a skimpy liberty that Mr. Heisenberg allowed in wake of disappearing back together in a vacuum; Lord love gave, Lord love takes it. But then it is undisputed that in this situation in the vacuum at any given moment there are a number of free virtual particles with both polarities of charge, which, however, physical forms of non-zero density of vacuum electrolyte. What happens to a charged conductive spheres, or with a charged capacitor in this electrolyte vacuum? What is commonly known: soon lose its power; charge, is discharged. Has anyone ever watched such rapid self-discharge of capacitors to be in a vacuum? Prof. Ivan Úlehla describes the possibility of direct interaction with normal virtual electron. QED based on theThesis that charged particles also emit photons of all "weight categories" and writes: "Among the transmitted photons, electrons can be the energy of photons with million electronvolts (where's the halfmega poor electron mass takes, God only knows) And with these photons is linked to an interesting virtual process: For short time of his life can be energetic virtual photon is converted into an electron-positron pair. And in a short time are  suddenly close to each other instead of one electron, but two electrons and one positron. It takes only a moment, and then again there is only one electron. (The one who disconnected with the positron) Which of the electrons, however, anihilated and who stays alone? It can not be said-after all, electrons can not be distinguished from each other! „The birth of the virtual electron-positron pair for a brief moment in the exchange of high-energy photons can be imagined as a result of the interaction of the electron with the vacuum."  So many from prof. Úlehla. Demonstrates that the vacuum, called virtual positron can annihilate not only back with a virtual colleague but also with normal electron, for example, an electron on the surface of charged capacitor plates. How long will these circumstances charge  stay on capacitor plates in a vacuum environment virtual?! And it demonstrates the unsustainability of QED ideas about the real existence of the virtual. QED.  Yet another "tool" to interact she have not and why she keeps "teeth-nail" .To this "impasse" Einstein's physics introduced rigorous requirement of the absence of a stable form of the material structure of the physical vacuum. QED is a desperate attempt physicists somehow "clog" this gap in theory at least the idea of ​​a virtual vacuum, which, however, for its stochasticity can not be "fixed" reference system. The vacuum thus was "something" is filled, but Einstein dictation excluding any universal reference system that withstood (wolf again ripe him, but a goat remained).  Feeblemindedness QED depth exposes this Rydnik‘s sentence: In this case, the electron is forced to "borrow" from the photon its rest energy. To what ridiculous perzonifikacím must reach in order to explain the unexplainable: Electron is cast in the role of an entrepreneur who is forced (by whom and by what means?) take a "loan" to your business 'project' - to infinite virtual photon emission. Ancient gods creatures people also to take on, because human imagination, form human or animal, but what is too much, it is too! We have a millennium on. Arsenal gods "for everything" has long since emptied. In nature, organisms also born, but not out of nothing! It is always at the beginning of "seed", which evolves over time in the adult. Nothing like the virtual. They are "born" as done in the blink of adults-and especially out of nowhere! Neither this paradox the physics excite! Except Lee Smolin.  

                                                   Part II.

Motto of kvarton's physics: The mass appears everywhere where is disturbed the symmetry  of dislocation the  primary matter in space, ie where to  full symmetry of space any components are missing or dwells.                                      

                                         Elementary particles.

      As I indicated above, whenever is there  in the kvarton‘s "ocean" with perfectly null and void kvartons, one total free protoel -vakant, than he will creates with its uncompensated masseffect on the surroundings disturbed spherical system, ie excited, kvartons; the massfield of this vakant. As is evident from the description, the vakant and its massfields are organically disconnected, symbiotic. (Closest to this idea were physicists Luis de Broglie and David Bohm. Yet both, unfortunately, did not recognize the connection between the nature of submicroscopic agens of elementary particles - vakant- and the macrovolumed massfield, the originator of its wave properties. So called, wave ball '(wave- pilot), mathematically attached to microparticles, postulated by de Broglie, hadn‘t a chance to permanently hold together a fragile system. Prof. Rydnik writes: "The electron could be regarded as a point particle, if it were not inextricably linked with wave. The blurred due to the apparent position of the electron which can be located at any point of its waves. "But what is the physical nature of the strange blur waves have no idea. Among his equations and transformations the answer comes not.
Also Czech prof. Ivan Úlehla considers that "the motion of the electron have wave character, which is inextricably linked with a continuous, space-reactive material (interesting idea). "Electron as a wave" circumnavigating "things“ and „touches" the objects relatively near and relatively distant due to its size .. Just can cause bending and interference phenomena in its motion. Direct measurability wave function is probably totally excluded." Bravo, wow professors! You have created a more undetectable virtuality. It's only possible to say that both physicists successfully "swim around" the reality of the physical vacuum and hanging in vicious circles defined constraints STR, GTR and QED, fail to find a way out. They canť.
     In  the model of Socrates ortophysics is organic connection microparticles and its makrofield mass excited kvartons natural, because both components of this symbiotics are from the same "test": it consists of primary protoelements (protoels) this (our) "floor" of the universe. In general, therefore each elementary particle (photon isn‘t in this sense elemementary particle, because he have not vakant) form an organic symbiosis submicroscopics vakant as a source of uncompensated physical activity and it generated makroovolume massfield of excited kvartons. (Marquis de Broglie would certainly cheered and shouteds eureka). If it such an elementary particle itself throughout the local universe, has its macrocosmic mass perfect spherical array structure disturbed kvartonů and intensity of this distortion kvarton is given by m = M/r2 . Vakant is located inside the first spherical shell excitation with the largest degree of excitation kvartons. Constant, probably cyclic interactions with this first shell of kvartons vakant peel constantly and repeatedly generates its mass field. If vakant have unit electric charge, (because it contains uncompensated protoel (p) or (p'), then the addition to the mass also causes radial excitation polarization (filming) kvartons throughout the mass array. The intensity of polarization P of the electric field has the same structure as the material excitation, ie p = Q/r2.

When the poor vakant is dragged of his own field

    Movement of elementary particles to the structure of the global          .  .    ........kvartonové "lattices". (Fundamentals of movement).

The above-described construction of elementary particle with spherically ideally structured elevator mass or electrostatic field is against the world kvarton‘s three-dimensional "lattice" motionless, static. If it were possible to somehow mark the first kvartons excitatory shell of the particle, we would find that vakant permanently remains inside this marked "shell" gradual and continuous interaction with all kvartons in first shell generates its spherical mass array. What should be done for the spatial displacement vakant with the whole mass of the field particles aut of "shell"? It is necessary to disrupt the action outer material the ideal spherical shape first excitatory shell and actually the whole spherical massfield particles. How to do I‘ll arrange it. The easiest way is to place in the vicinity of such, indifferent 'vakant with ideally spherical massfielf another vakant with his massfield. Tangible effects of both vakants on the joint kvarton‘s interspace, created composite, total (additive) massfield, that is no longer in the vicinity of both vakants the origin spherical massfield. Will have a certain degree of asymmetry excitations. (Incidentally, this is the principle and substance of the gravitational field. Gravitational field is the cumulative massfield from all vakants located in the common area). But let us return to the principle of movement vakant (elementary particle). As I wrote, this should disrupt the spherical shape of the excitation massfield of vakant up to the very first excitatory shell. If before vakant, e.g. protoel (n) within the first shell interacted with the same intensity with all this kvartons in 1. shell, now are the kvartons located in the direction of another loaded vakant, a little more excited than  kvartons on opposite sides of both vakants. Also kvartons first shell are no longer excited  symmetrically, in the direction due to the asymmetry of the mass field is excitation the largest. This will be fatally reflected in the interaction of vakant with kvartons first shell. With most excited kvarton at the junction occurs closer to the clasp till  the resonance vakant with most excitated kvarton, so together momentarily creates unstable resonance - kvinton (npp'nn'), which is for internal instability then decays back to singlon (n) and kvarton (p p 'n n'). Kvinton unstable, however, may crumble back to singlon and kvarton i this way: initial vakant- protoel {n} will continue in conjunction with protoely inside kvintonu (npp'n'n) and create with them a new complete kvarton (pp'nn') when simultaneously is from the opposite side of kvinton separated somewhat suddenly "excess" protoel (n), which has originally part of the excitated kvinton. So will be create a new 'vakant shifted in the space of one dimension of kvarton. Elevator mass effect, of shifted 'vakant immediately create a new, to the original, shifted massfield. V.I. Rydnik describes this process so that the electron countless dives into the vacuum and emerges somewhere nearby in the  neighborhood. Physicists says this extraordinary phenomenon called - trembling electron.
Yes, and so it can be clearly interpreted: vakant of particle will for a moment from the inside first shell connected by excited kvarton, ie it disappears with him in vacuum and then on the other hand, of kvinton it now appears new vakant. One concrete vakant, protoel (n), for a moment, "disappeared" in conjunction with the most excited kvarton and other protoel (n) of the same quality then "emerged" (split with) on the opposite side of the "pregnant" kvinton as a new protoel-vakant. This process of "extinction" protoels on one side kvartons and "emerging" on opposite sides kvartons accompanies all movement of vakants and its massfield throught the kvarton’s space world's three-dimensional "lattice". Vakant seems to "jump" over kvartons Vakant es moving elementary particle will be gradually becoming protoely (n) on the splinter kvartons from the route of movement; Rydnik writes: on one hand, the particle sinks' into the vacuum chamber and on the opposite side of the vacuum (kvarton ), the particle emerges'. The steeper the  gradient of the mass asymmetry of the excitation field of vakant, the more often interchangeable implements this process and vakant, singlon (n) with this "transition" over the kvartons inches by kvarton’s latice in the direction of the largest mass asymmetry his field. With constantly renewing and shear first excitatory shell. Here it should be emphasized that the initiative for this specific shift of particle always based on its state of the asymmetry of the massfield of particl and particle‘s agents-vakant themselves,  is actually "dragged" its elevator asymmetric massfield in the direction of the asymmetry. It is used here in full idea of ​​de Broglie wave-pilot. The direction and speed of vakant is given of gradient direction and of the greatness asymmetry of massfield  of vakant.

The figure shows the general principle of moving single-vakantu to the kvarton's "bars". His "Passage" by excited kvarton in  the first shell  his massfield.
 Please, click on picture to enlarge

Beige color indicates the volume and reach of the binding field inside kvarton (kvinton).

In the asymmetric massfield of elementary particles occurs in the first stage for greater interaction the vakant with the most excited kvarton in the first peel of the massfield. In 2. phase occurs between them overcoupling, leading to complete both conjugation. 3. phase is beginning of separation. A strongly unstable resonant kvinton in the 4th phase immediately decays back to singlon kvarton and to their complete separation. Accompanied by a significant decrease in excitation kvarton (shown its reduced volume). New singlon, protoel (p) has exactly the same physical qualities as the one that came into conjugation with excit. kvarton on the his "left" (according to the drawn schema). Protoel (p) separate from kvinton on the his opposite  the right side. The result of the phased process is that the original vakant on one left side fused with most excited kvarton of which is immediately opposite the new vakant separated. This "process" microtransition vakant trough kvartons continues until his massfield remove his asymmetry. The result is a spatial shift vakant with his elementary particles throughout to kvarton's structure of the vacuum.
         Massfield of two elementary particles in a sufficient distance

Blue continuous lines represent the size of the massfield excitation of particles depending on the distance from vakantu l = Q / r
Red dashed lines are izoexcity, ie the connector locations with the same mass field excitation vakants

     Approximation of two elementary particles from the upper position to the lower level, La → Lb

                Green indicates an increase of the mass asymmetry common field 

                                                Please, click on picture to enlarge

Double picture shows the shape of the massfields of both elementary particles approaching them together.
At the indicated convergence of both particles at the bottom of the picture will change significantly as the blue line Q/r2, and izoexcit lines, resulting, total particle massfield of both fields is longer, as is shown in the lower figure, strongly asymmetric. This asymmetry (marked green A) "forced" vakants both particles further approximation them and thus further growth asymmetry and accelerated movement together. (As ingravitation field).

 Of course, so it thrives to second vakant in asymmetric common   massfield in which I was kind of forgotten about. He is experiencing the same interchangeable process "jumps" over the first kvartons of shell its massfield gradient generated asymmetry proportional cumulative massfield and moves in the same way in the direction of the asymmetry of common massfield, ie, to the first vakant. With the shift of both vakants and his massfields together with increasing intensity and gradient of excitation kvartons resultant composite massfield between them and it is accompanied by a proportionate acceleration motion both vakants together; exactly as old Mr. Newton's equations. This is the principle of every "attractive" gravitational interaction between material objects!   

Induced asymmetry compound, an additive (gravitational) massfield is proportional to the mass (number of vakants) in the participating bodies. Mutual gravitational displacement of entire body weight is converted proporcionate to bodies.To these can be explained by the fact that essentially negligible amount vakants constituting ordinary earthly body size causes negligible asymmetry summation (gravitational) field of planet Earth. And thus its negligible shift to the ordinary body. Associated vakants in the ordinary body gains  a great asymetry causes  of all vakants in planet. This then correspond to the approach velocity of a ordinary body and the planet. If it goes such a ordinary  body freely in gravitacion of planet, does not change its total weight, only changes direction and gradient asymmetry his massfield. After each vakant’s  jump over kvarton moves his massfield and a new array resulting asymmetry common to all vakants. Further movement of vakants governed by this newly created joint asymmetry, sum gravitational field. The movement of each body in the summary gravitational field is composed of all microjumps all vakants of this body. As I wrote:  the free body mass in gravitacional field, slope ("tilt"), asymmetry of the additive mass field, determine the speed (via microjump kvartons) asymmetry in the direction of a common mass (gravitational) field.
 Gravity is the most basic interaction of all material structures in the universe. Even Isaac Newton "discovered" the mathematical relationship interaction materials, but did not reveal the physical nature of this action. With knowledge in those days he can not recognize the changed structure of space between bodies - the structure of the gravitational field.
The root of all evil in Einsteinian physics is the apotheosis of the relative motion. According to Einstein's dogmathe  primary cause of the physical behavior of physical objects is their relative motion. Einstein derived from him outside the framework the being of physical objects (dimensions, intrinsic reactivity, interactivity, etc.). By A. Einstein causality in physics turned upside down: the primary cause of all, the physical state of massfield an object he confused with the  secondary consequence, ie the velocity of the material object as the primary cause of its physical behavior. Totally misleading is the idea of ​​equivalence the movement, of the real motion  induced of asymmetry body‘s massfield and relative pseudomotion all the external environment, including all bodies towards the body. This pseudomotion is not due to any change in sphericity of massfield surrounding bodies yet he is accorded all the physical attributes of real moving bodies. This obviously misguided dogma introduced physics into a morass of paradoxs and renormalization practices. In Socrates physics is always the primary cause of all the physical state of massfield of object and everything else, ie time reactivity and subject movement is a result of this condition.
Principle dislocation kinetic mass in the volume elementary particles
     You can read hundreds of scientific books about physics, but nowhere, no will tell you, where elementary particles are storing their so-called kinetic energy with which is associated with the appropriate mass. Mass as one of the most fundamental and immutable physical properties. The total amount in the closed system of material objects are consistently maintained. Is passed between objects of a closed system like a hot potato, or Black Peter, but how and where is mass located in the volume particles even under the threat of capital punishment ,educated' do not know. Why!

It is obvious that when if is accelerated a rocket from the fuel passed by some process (kinetic energy) mass, which is again released from the rocket body in the event of a sudden stop. One thing is certain: elementary particles, which consists of a rocket, "won" when accelerating from elementary particles of matter uprest drives (so-called kinetic) energy / mass. In this process the "transfer" released every particle fuel by increasing their chemical bonds corresponding differential quantum mass and "gave" him the elementary particles of solid rockets. In sum: each particle rockets acquired during the process of accelerating quantum of mass and must therefore be the question: where in its volume this mass that moves with the particle is harbored. For some it's a trivial question: no, just that mass somehow in itself has, and when necessary, so it somehow "cleared". Current academic physics, unfortunately, do not knows better and more concrete answer.. In sum: each particle rockets acquired during the process of accelerating quantum uprest weight and must therefore be the question of where in its volume of this mass that moves with the particle, harbor. For some it's a trivial question: no just the cinemas. mass somehow in itself has, and when necessary, so it somehow "cleared". Current academic physics, unfortunately, knows better, more concrete answer.

Please, click onpicture to enlarge

Then there is this problem: the elementary particles gain so-called kinetic energy, but why all this acquired energy/mass causes moving the particles in space? Each elementary particle has a so-called rest mass, which, however, does not surround her movement. Why is it creates so called kinetic mass? Is it a different quality or the kinetic mass at all other mass? It is not! Since this "kinetic" mass may suddenly be "transformed" in the normal rest mass, eg when is braking creations particle-antiparticle pairs. And conversely, when any of the physical bound are "released" kinetic mass at the expense of the rest mass of particles bound. All this suggests that there isn‘t a dual mass. So why is divided  a single mass at rest and et kinetic and why only the 'kinetic' mass causes movement of particles? What official says physicist? Well, because she is the kinetic. Really compelling argument!
       Kvarton‘s ortophysicis is more informative, although perhaps a little short: all elementary particles mass is in their massfields. Yes that's, so simple! Basic quantum rest mass of the particle is elementary quantum (sizes) of uncompensated material effect on the vakant on surrounding kvartons. The rest massfield of particles is spherically symmetric and therefore she is without moving in space of kvarton‘s "lattice". It's been said that the quantum primary mass M of vakant on the gradual excitation all kvartons extends spherically on the whole massfield. The mass of each kvarton in massfield is expressed in terms of its material excitations. The sum of the rate of mass excitations of kvartons massfield is equal to the primary tangible effects quantum M of vakant. To such a complex vakant and his massfield gave to the motion in "lattice" we must disrupt the perfect spherically excitation of massfield particles, ie create asymmetric, non-spherical mass field. This can be done in two ways: in gravitational field by composite the particles massfields with the gravitational field. The result of composing is the common asymmetric massfield array. In the direction of this common asymmetry is that all actors creating composite gravitationalfield begin to move together. Because all these actors to each other, "cause" mass asymmetry of their fields, they do not need the asymmetry "import" from outdoor.This gravitational asymmetryfield goes only at bill on the internal particle rest mass. Therefore, the total mass of free elementary particles in  gravitational field no changes!
Outside of gravitational field or in a  wery weak gravitational field must be create the necessary asymmetry by adding mass, ie by increasing the excitation field of kvartons by mass of outside particles. Such "attracting" (increase) excitation of kvartons massfield always the bring direction, and it is asymmetric in principle. It is possible to say that the kinetic energy / mass "resides" in the massfield of particle, in the form of increased excitation kvartons, on that side of the mass field where the particles ar moving ("sitting at the wheel with the foot on the gas"). mass asymmetry degree field and thus the velocity of the particle sizes is invoked added, nadklidové weight (excitation). A degree of massfield asymmetry and induced velocity of elementary particle corresponds to additing uprestmass to him., I just called kinetic, uprest mass of the particle always "sits at the wheel ".

                                                    Part III.

      Types of elementary particles, their "break-up" and transformation.

Please, click on picture to enlarge

Protoels with a thin black limits are in the basic mass state, protoels with a bold edge are in a higher mass condition. Vakants of them are agents of muons, pions, kaons and all higher types of mesons and hyperons. Pion pi ° is actually a very excited kvarton with two protoels with higher mass level. Therefore, his "breakdown" is about 100 million times faster than pions with electric charge.

Generally is the vakant each structural anomaly in a homogeneous structure of kvarton‘s "ocean", which shows a certain degree of cartridge and uncompensated physical activity (excitation) of the surrounding null and void, i.e. fully compensated kvartons.
Simplest types of such structural anomalies are vakants with only ones protoels. For it is the loneliness I called them singlons (p), (p'), (n), (n'). (Symbols with a comma are antipodes). These singlons "wrapped" with an excitated massfield consists of 4 elementary particles: proton, antiproton, neutron and antineutron. Protoels of group N (n), (n'), generating particle neutron and antineutron and have a "slap" more tangible effects quantum, than protoels of group P (p), (p'), which generate protons and antiprotons. Strictly by 1.3 MeV/c2. Why this is so, I do not know. (But this is certainly one of the reasons why  neutrons spontaneously "disintegrate" while protons not).
Another very stable type of vakants are duons. It consists of two protoels of mass antipodity, and the charge antipodity, so these variants are possible: (pp'), (nn'), (np‘) and (pn') The first two pairs are vakants of elementary particles neutrinos by type P and N. Because they are composed of the ideal itself antipodes their outer rest mass is zero, but both pairs of vakants, (pp') and (nn'), have towards each other residual P-N antipodity, which troubles many theorists, whether it is mass or not. Mass in literally washed it is not: it is a grupe antipodity. (Just as there is no tangible charge antipodity) Another two duons - vakants, (np) and (pn') form, together with  their massfield antipodity known as the lower mass leptons in the ground state, the electron and positron. In addition to the two differential mass antipodes (mass particle of group N is greater than the mass of the  particle group P) is also here applied grupe antipodity P-N. Therefore, the stability of these elementary particles is very high, proporcionaly to mass deficit internal links between both protoels in vakant. It is the second largest binding strukture in the universe after binding protoels in kvarton.
Singlons and duons as vakants of nucleons and leptons were for many years only known the basic building blocks of our "floor" of the world. With the development of experimental high-energy physics, were gradually discovered other, more complex forms of vakants. But their "life", was very low and thus their high instability. And so the experimenters were gradually identified unstable "elementary particles“ which I classify according to the arrangement of their vakants as trion, tetron, kvinton, sexton, perhaps septon. Trions,  and kvintons and the  others exist only as ultrashorttime, transient (resonant) states of noncompensate protoels formations. Are somewhat more durable tetron when a substitution protoels of two equal groups podity (p→n, n→p). This substitution creates a short formation of vakants: (np'nn'), (pp'pn'). Theirs particle are known as pions. (Types tetron (pn'nn') or (pp'np') formed by replacing antipodean protoels (n‘→p‘, p‘→n‘)"apply" in antiworld.)
Trions are vakants arise only as unstable, resonant, intermediate states with ultrashorttime life (generally <10-24 sec) in contact duons - singlons interactions, which can lead to replacement protons to neutrons and reverse, of course, with the current substitution of leptons.

                            The Promiscuity reigns the world

Transmutation vakants of nucleons p, n, in contact with vakants of positron and vakants of neutrinaN (antineutrino) schematically as follows: 
                     (p) + (nn') → (pnn') → (pn') + (n)   
classically: proton + antineutrino  → positron + neutron
 (classical physics does not know the transformation intermediate state)            
                       (n) + (pn') → (npn') → (nn') +  (p)                                           classically: neutron + positron →antineutrino + proton

It's obvious that both of these transmutation can be schematically written to a "mirror" series, which can be read from left to right along the lines of the upper arrow, or from right to left by the lower arrows. The following  procedure: in tight contact proton‘s vakant (p with vakant of neutrinoN¨, (nn‘) arises on ultrashorttime strongly unstable trione (pnn‘), whose anomalous decay occurs vakant of neutron (n) and vakant of positron (pn‘). And we may so read from right to left: in contact vakant of neutron (n) with vakant of positron (pn‘) unstable resonance occurs trion (pnn‘),that immediate disintegrated to proton (p) a neutrinoN (nn‘).
It should be emphasized that these close contacts of vakants not necessarily be confused protoels and thus the emergence of "new" particles. I think more often the trione resonance decay back to the original vakants. So, for example: (p) + (nn') → (pnn') → (p) + (nn'
      Mirror changes  of  nucleons with participation of leptons  I.   

Please, click on picture to enlarge

 Interrupt binding circle around the resonance reflects the high volatility of the binding.  (see the animation of miror changes p→n, n→p with leptons  in attachement)

Another pair of mirrored transmutation vakants of nucleons p (p), n(n), this time over vakants of neutrinoP (pp‘) and electron (np‘). Transmutation consists of two series: 
                      (n) + (pp') → (npp') → (np‘) + (p)           
classically: neutron → proton + neutrino + electron
(again, it should be noted that classical physics does not know .. intermediate state resonance (npp‘))                             
                   (p) + (np‘) → (pnp') → (pp') + (n)          
classically: proton+ electron → neutron + neutrinoP
These two transmutation can be repeat schematically written in the same series as the mirror transmutation.

          Mirror changes  of  nucleons with participation of leptons  II.

                                                  Please, click on picture to enlarge,

Similarly, there seem to be at antiworld equally unstable resonance antitrions confusion that accompanies antivakants with protoels (p') and (n '), according to schedule:                         
                       (p') + (nn') → (p'nn') → (n') + (p'n)
classically: antiproton +  antineutrino → electron + antineutron
                       (n') + (pp') → (n'pp') → (p') + (n'p)
classically: antineutron + neutrino → antiproton + positron
                        (p') + (n‘p) → (n'p'p) → (n ') + (pp')
classically: antiproton + positron →  antineutron + neutrino
                         (n') + (np‘) → (n'np') → (p') + (nn')
classically: antineutron + electron → antineutrino + antiproton

All of the above contacted interactions singlons with duons (classically: nucleons and leptons), have been observed in many experiments in direct frontal collisions of nucleons and leptons. Matter of principle, the trion resonance can‘t decay other than duon and singlon, so called baryon’, lepton’  and charge‘ numbers as their rules of preservation devised physicists are redundant!
Here it is necessary to draw attention to a phenomenon that is in kvarton‘s physics general: In all interactions involved vakants there is no birth or death of protoels. The so-called "birth" and "extinction" of elementary particles, which is literally weedy academic physics, have no place in kvarton‘s model! All four protoels entering in interactions or vakants based of them are changeless and stable. The only change is in the configuration protoels in vakants of interactions outgoing. It's just  such a submicroscopic: caskets chairs! Of course, with varying degrees of ties of vakants. Invariant and thus "eternal" are only, and only theirs primary protoels "tied" in vakants! As is also clear from both schemes there is never any confusion as interactions with nucleons e.g. (p) + (pp') or (n) + (nn'), ie, classically: proton with neutrino and neutron with antineutrinos. Similarly, (p) + (pn'), or (n) + (np‘), which are classical: proton with positron and neutron with an electron. Notwithstanding the principle conservation of charge and podityes in these contact interactions, if they occur randomly, never lead to confusion involved vakants; always the actors' decay back to its original vakant-particle.

In any case there is no confusion of nucleons in contact interactions of the type: n +antiný,  n + e-,  or  p +ný,   p +e+ . In kvarton‘ form: (n) +nn '),  (n +(np'), or (p) +(pp'),  (p + (pn').
In all these cases it is of the kvarton' registration
 obvious why.
caskets, caskets chairs

                             The decays of elementary particles.

 The most famous "disintegration" and literally pearl of physics elementary particles is classical "decay" of neutron: neutron → proton + electron + antineutrino. In the kvarton’s  model, however not decay himself single vakant of neutron, thus protoel (n), it is nonsense of classical physics! I wrote that themselves protoels, are unbreakable and invariant. But in anormal (see above normal transition) transition of vakant of neutron over the excited kvarton in first shell of excitation, when in the moment arises resonance, ie unstable kvinton (npp'nn'), then from internal causes (non-standard position of protoels inside the   kvinton?) do not come  normal detachment protoelu (n), but quite anomalously on the opposite side of kvinton is detached protoel (p), ie vakant of proton. (Energy this substitution is possible). This anomalous decay of resonant kvinton (npp'nn') in (p) + (np'nn')  instead of the complete kvarton and singlon is "lifeless". Tetron (np'nn')  have insufficient mass so that  very quickly (<10-24 sec) splits into two already stable duons, since they have lower mass, (np) + (nn') which are, as we know vakants of electron and antineutrinos. Such „self decay" of neutron  is possible only for its greater mass than  proton. Kvarton'  "decay" of  classical neutron give the following two lines:
             (n) + (pp'nn') → (p) + (np'nn') → (p) + (np) + (nn')
classical notation: neutron → proton + electron + antineutrino

Phased diagram  anomalous crossing  the vacant neutron  through the kvarton    (or the classic "decay" of neutron)

                                                    Schema decay of neutron
Please, click on  picture to enlarge


The essence of the cause and mechanism of this "decay" of neutron was long a mystery of classical physics. They were invented various theories and reasoning patterns of conservation, such as conservation of nucleons, charge conservation, conservation of parity, lepton number conservation, momentum, and many others. Only the mechanism of "decay" somehow defies detection. It was clear to all that the neutron in themselves not "wearing" proton, an electron and an antineutrino or their fetuses. From "disintegration" arise from all beginning full elementary particles. Finally, the physicists decided that it "fits" into smaller components inside a neutron, to the quark Place of the whole neutron it decays apparently just part of it. But the dilemma remained: why and how the quark decays? They threw it to the existence of invisible virtual meson Z. Why from litlemassing quark "jumps" heavy-load mass (90 times heavier than himself neutron) meson?  The answer still missing!
Sokrates’s answer is: neutron‘s decay  is an accident on his motion.
What is certain is this: at some point of space with no obvious cause, neutron disappears and at the same point emerge particles: proton, an electron and a neutrino. In doing so, from this execution of  'neutrons hog' they break off for himself his mass. KMV says this: neutron haven’t an electrically polarized massfield. Kvartons through which the neutron‘s vakant passes haven't consistently oriented electrically only by its group's afinity (acting at a very short distance), and thus the resonant decay of kvinton not necessarily always lead to separation protoel (n), as well as  transitions protoels with electric charge (eg proton, electron, muon, etc.). When such an anomalous separation occurs, instead of the normal kvarton all of a sudden arise  an lifeless and lightmass vakant-tetron with three protoels group N, but only one of the group P, which is due to this configuration highly unstable and therefore immediately splits into two lightmass duons.
Similarly, as a neutron , according to the standard model, should be "crumble" in this way a proton, but would have to be obtained from outside environment sufficient differential above rest mass (n - p). This deficit in mass, but also electrically polarized massfield of proton keeps him from spontaneous decay as it is possible for the neutron. Although proton‘s decay classical physicists of the Standard Model have long promised, and planted on its decay different ,trap', the above descript conditions prevents it.
If the gain  the protoel of proton (p) and its massfield by outside intervention enough mass so that arises when the short fusion with kvarton harder excited kvinton- resonance (ppp'nn') may be, like the neutron, the anomalous decay to (n) + (pp'pn'), and this 'undermass' lifeless tetron then also disintegrates into two stable duons   (pn') + (pp').
        (p) + (pp'nn ') → (n) + (pp'pn') → (n) + (pn ') + (pp')
Standard record: proton → neutron + positron + neutrinoP

However, this anomalous "decay" proton occurs only under specific conditions: when vakant of proton interacts with kvarton especially in highly excited massfield, for example near the heavy nuclei. Where is strongly disrupted the longitudinal electric polarization of kvartons massfield, (kvartons are polarized along the direction of  proton' motion), which normally guarantees its normal transition.
But not for free  proton with albeit great kinetic mass it is not moving in very close proximity to heavy atomic nuclei spontaneously don’t decay. Its free decay prevents longitudinal polarization of mentioned his massfield. Classical physicists for decades, sitting at their tanks  with chloride and despair scan the horizon something that could be called a spontaneous proton decay. Futile!
Lee Smolin to them wrote:
No proton decay was observed. We've waited long enough, we can honestly say that the grand unification SU (5) is incorrect. It was a beautiful idea, but her nature seemed not to adopt

SU(5) provides two variants of proton decay:  proton → positron + pion  and  proton → antineutrino + pion.
Both variants are by KMV impossible of the simple reason: of resonant kvinton (which contains 5 protoels), nor a miracle, can not arise duon and tetron! Since 2 + 4 = 6, gentlemen! And nature it really knows not?
The same is with respect for kvarton‘s model, which excluded interchangeable interaction of neutron  with antineutrino and the proton with neutrino. If these particles meet together confusion no occurs , always departing  the same actors. In contrast, the direct interaction antineutrino with the proton and neutron with neutrino can leads  with  certain probability to confusion as I described above.

                    Decays of muons, pions and mesons  generally
It should first be noted that all four protoels may on very shortly of time exist in variety of higher   mass . It is obviously possible the protoels with own internal structure, on which I still only speculate. The existence of two higher  levels of protoels mass strongly suggests the existence of families of elementary particles. However, it is not in leptons whose three modifications have essentially the same physical characteristics and differs only different of mass Because all types of leptons are duons, or 2 protoels in vakant, it is possible to speculate that the electron, positron and two neutrinos have in their vakants two protoels with its base  mass. For the muons of both polarities and both of mí-neutrinos is obvious that in their vakant is one protoel with the basic  mass and the one with a higher mass. In contrast, tau lepton and tau neutrinos have in the vakant both protoels with  higher mass level. In my record of these modifications I differentiate them  with fat symbols of protoels in vakant.
So are 3 families of leptons.  Writing  as follows: electron (np‘), muon (np‘) and the tau lepton (np‘). A similar distinction I used for positron, muon+  taoun+ and so for both electron',  muon' and tauon‘ neutrinos. By anomalous muon'-transition whose vakant is duon in a higher state (np') through kvarton arises shortly very unstable resonance sexton (np'pp'nn‘) . Anomality of this transition is that the decay sexton don‘t replicate muon (np), but protoel (n) in the time of separation has combined with antiprotoel (n') to form together vakant of muon‘ antineutrinosN (nn'). Residual Tetron (p'p n p'), which is sharply  unstable (10-24 sec) (3p + 1 n), is then split into two longer stable duons (p'n) and (pp'), ie classic: an electron and a neutrino. If gets however, the residual tetron by fission of sexton sufficient mass (introduced by fast muon) increases its life on the order of 10-8 sec and arise meson pi and they then of course also splits into two the same stable duons. What has been written about the negative muon-, is  similarly true of the positive muon+  with decay  to positron and antineutrinoN.
Kvarton‘s write of "decay" muon- during his anomalous crossing the excitates kvarton:
 (np‘) + (pp'nn') → (np'pp'nn') → (nn') + (pp'np') → (nn') + (pp') + (np)

 Progressive scheme muon decay crossing with abnormal excited kvarton  

 Please, click on picture to enlarge

Thus, in the 1st phase, by tight conjunction,   protoel (n) of  muon will bind with closest kvarton‘s protoel (n') and thus to bind highly stable vakant of muon' neutrinos (nn'). After their  subsequent separation from the rest  protoels of sexton then tetron are disjointed and "lifeless" tetron (pp'np'), which in the second phase immediately splits into two stable duons: electron and neutrinoP. Of course, that is similar on "decay" the muon+: After his anomalous conjuction with excited kvarton arises vakant mion‘s neutrinaP and then  the remaining protoels (pn'nn') goes to pairing of two highly stable duons and arise vakants positron and neutrinoN. (How simple my dear Watson!) For example, in the anomalous decay of mesons K and Eta  also arises  tetron (pp'np'), but this meson have unlike mion much greater mass in its massfield and thus their decays particle obtain during "parceling" a resonant' okton have sufficient mass than the tetron (pp'np') that extended significantly  his life. than they falls to the same two duons as the decay of muon. The tetron with hypetrofic mass and short „life“ (about 10-8 sec) is called a pion decays mostly to muon and neutrino muon‘s, for example (pp'np') → (np‘) + (pp').  For example, in the anomalous decay of mesons K and Eta  also arises  tetron (pp'np'), but this meson have unlike mion much greater mass in its massfield and thus their decays particle obtain during "parceling" a resonant' okton have sufficient mass than the tetron (pp'np') that extended significantly  his life. than they falls to the same two duons as the decay of muon. The tetron with hypetrofic mass and short „life“ (about 10-8 sec) is called a pion decays mostly to muon and neutrino muon‘s, for example (pp'np') →(np‘) + (pp').
Decays of pi mesons, or pions are schematically shown in the following two decay series. Pi meson is actually the same unstable conglomerate of protoels.  Pions, as unstable tetron are actually products of decays of particles with significantly greater mass, for example: mesons K, D, or hyperons. Therefore, to their „life“ do not need assistance of kvartons.
 Scheme of real decay tetron‘s pipi +, as unstable vakants charge pions

 Please, click on picture to enlarge

From that picture you can see that the pions have two protoels with higher mass level (marked with more fat ring). From decay gets every fragment  one protoel with greater mass. Decay of  pion  creates more  massive  duons ie muon's variety. This interchangeability of mion and electron  is also confirmed by the realized experiments  . Of course, the true mirror process: n + mí- → p +neutrino mí
                      Miror changes p→n with participation of muon

Please, click on picture to enlarge

Heavy mesons K, D and eta are actually modifications of the basic pi mesons, but with protoely at higher mass levels. (As evidenced by the decay of K mesons in muon + muon neutrino, or eta meson into two leptons + photon). This creates a large spectrum of mesons at different of mass levels. Because they are basically the vakants of unstable tetrons, and during their passage through the first kvarton their husks of massfield arises resonance  okton, eg (pp'np'+pp'nn'). This 8 protoels conglomerate with large mass already offers great opportunities for its anomalous decay into "components" such as pi mesons, muons, leptons e-, e +, neutrinos and gamafotons. Those decays are often cascade' process in which the mass of decay "components" such as pi mesons, in its passage through the nearest kvarton recreates decay of okton and it immediately breaks down, to  the well-known scheme for leptons. All types of mesons can exist in all possible variations and therefore, their breakdown products can be in three states of cartridge. However, a wonderful example of the decay of variability of high excitated tetron with higher mass are its protoels modifications  o f decay Eta mesons, K and  D. All of these  modifications exhibit, due  its superhypertrofic mass diverse in range of opportunities they decays into "basic components" of leptons. I mention here only the typical decays of mesons with classic and kvarton‘s writing are all consequences of anomalous transition tetron with a high degree of excitation protoels (mass), through strongly excited kvarton.
                     Standard of  kvarton‘s  writing of decay

eta → e +, e-,+ y      (pp'nn') + (pp'nn') → (pn') + (p'n) + (pp'nn')
K  → mí, ný + y       (pp'pn ') + (pp'nn') → (pn ') + (pp') + (pp'nn')
K-→  pí0 + mí-+ ný    (p'nn'n) + (pp'nn ') → (pp'nn') + (np) + (nn')
K+ → pí0  e+ +, ný     (pp'pn ') + (pp'nn') → (pp'nn ') (pn') + pp ')
K  pi+ + mu-+ ný   (pp'nn ') + (pp'nn') → (pn'nn ') + (np') +(pp')
K0 → pi-, e++ ný       (pp'nn') + (pp'nn') → (np'nn') + (pn') + (pp')
K0 → pi+ + pi-            (pp'nn') + (pp‘nn') → pp'pn ') + (np'nn') 

Like duons and tetrons may be exists in short life with higher mass also singlons  mainly vakants (p) and (n). With most excited kvarton they created ultrashortlife kvinton‘s resonances with several of mass levels - hyperons. Like a hypertrophied duons and hypertrophied tetrons also hyperons ultrafastly decay either to hyperons with lower mass levels, or directly back to singlons (p) and (n), always with due accompaniment of excited tetronos pions. Also hypertrophied tetron ultrashortly may exist in multiple mass levels as K mesons, and any other types of mesons, with the amount of mass. All these types of excitated tetrons quickly decay into single nucleons and leptons.         
 Some creations hyperons:   
                Standard records                   kvarton’ records 
          pí- + p → lambda0 + K0                  (np’nn‘) + (p) + (pp’nn‘)→  (npp’nn‘) + (pp’nn‘)
 pí- + p → Sigma-   + K0             (np’nn‘) +(p) + (pp’nn‘)  →  (pn’nn‘)+(pp’nn‘) +(pp’nn‘)
         pí- + p → n + K+ + K              (np’nn‘) + (p) + (pp’nn‘)  →  (n) + (pp’pn‘) +      (np’nn‘)
        p +  p → p + lambda0 + K+       (p) +(p) + 2x(pp’nn‘)    →   (p) +  (ppp’nn‘) + (pp’pn‘)  

                    Several types of decay of hyperons:

Standard record                       kvarton’ record
          Lambda0 → n + pí             (npp’nn‘) → (n) + (pp’nn‘)
        Lambda→ p + e- + ný        (npp’nn‘)  → (p) + (np‘) +(nn‘) + (pp’nn‘)
        antiLam0 →  p+ pí              (n’pp’nn‘) →  (p‘) + (pn’nn‘)
To do this, is only need to add that all intermediate pi mesons and continued mí duons they decays into form e-, e+, ný, antiný. These meson’s  decay  suggests that these material bodies are formed by collisions the singlons with very high  uprest mass  , when they suddenly released highly excited massfields of kvartons  and singlons together form a conglomerate several kvartons bound state, which, however, due  the high instability quickly decays to tetrons and duons.

All shoots with same bullets

The origin of the electrical charge unit across whole physics
KMV elegantly solves an ancient of elementary mystery physics: why have all types elemementary particles exactly the same particle, unit, electric charge. This is due to the fact that in all types of vakants with electrical hub is one protoel g The origin of the  unit electrical charge across whole physics
KMV elegantly solves an ancient mystery of elementary physics: why have all types elemementary particles exactly the same  unit of electric charge. This is due to the fact that in all types of vakants with electrical charge is one protoel from group P, with the uncompensated charge. Make it singlon (p) as vakant of proton, duons (pn') and (p'n) as vakants of leptons e-, e+, mu-, mu+, or pi+ or p-  pions, kaons K- K+, hyperons , and many other elementary charged particles. It is always due that their charge is induced by the presence of one  charged uncompensated protoel from  group P with electric unit in their vakant. One protoel of group P with uncompensated charge. Make it singlon (p) as vakant of proton, duons (pn') and (p'n) as vakants of leptons e-, e+, mu-, mu+, or pior  pí, pions, kaons KK+, hyperons or  S+, S-, and many other elementary charged particles. It is always due that their charge is induced by the presence of one  charged uncompensated protoel of group P with electric unit in vakant.
For KMV are useless two types of fractional charge of quarks to create a multitude of so-called elementary particles. Grotesque is the case intermediálu W-emission.  The quark d  has charge only one-third. Since the W-meson has the whole unit electric charge, he should be the poor man quark  "undress" a his vest,with  one-third of charge minus and his trousers with two-thirds  minus charge  . So after the excommunication his W-meson remains him only the gym pants with a two-thirds positive charge. and became suddenly in proton. But what the devil did not want even  later proton decided to  decay back to neutron and by "born" W+ meson, during which sacrifices its two-thirds plus charge. The classics question  is: how constantly the quark  "produces" and transmits positive and negative fractional charge to decay mesons W with unit charge?  These are incredible mysteries of quantum physics, which simply do not exist in the KMV!  The classics physicists have this explanation: Mr. Heisenberg said that  them mesons it on a fraction  time allows. But, where takes the poor quark,  for a fraction  time, this the no limited  mass for creations W meson,  Mr. Heisenberg not says. He claims only that this mass the quark on the short time may have, but where it takes it, Mr. Heisenberg no longer says.  Fortunately, KMV does not need these crutches!

                                                 Part IV
                        The main stones for Socrates' hypothesis

   Similarly the particles gracefully waves ...

                        Wave’s  properties of elementary particles.

It's time to mention the useful applications kvarton‘s model of vacuum. One of them is a causal explanation of the wavelength characteristics of elementary particles. Phenomenon that literally shook the classical physics and the foundations of quantum mechanics is called duality of the elementary particles. Classical physics generally accepted view on struktur elementary microparticles as zero dimensional objects got first crack in the form of the phenomenon, which until then had only guided electromagnetic; waves in some situations elementary particles behave "irrationally" as a macroscopic wave. V.I. Rydnik you to complain: Electron could be regarded as a point particle, if it were not inextricably linked to the wave. Her guilt is blurred as if the position of the electron, which can be located at any point of its waves.The most integral wave thought Rydnik de Broglie‘s hypothetical mathematical wave yet unknown properties that supposedly accompanies each particle with which this wave is unknown physical way connected. Nobody, not even Rydnik know how this wave arises, from what is material yet many did not know how close was the de Broglie with his idea to reality behavior elementary particles, except for the unfortunate "fuzziness" position. The most famous feature is the manifestation of wave interference elementary particles on the doublespot. R. Feynman called it, the heart of quantum mechanics. " And he knew why! The causal interpretation of this physical phenomenon wrecked classical and relativistic physics and finally in a sense, quantum mechanics. The phenomenon is based on the assumption that the coherent electromagnetic beam waves passes through two slots close that it becomes, by Fresnel images, new sources of coherent electromagnetic passing waves. Coherent waves from two nearby resources slots interfere together and create on the screen (display) maximum light stripes interspersed with streaks of minimum illumination. Fresnel physics this reliably predicts and explains. A completely different situation occurs when electromagnetic space. waves sent to doublespot elementary particles. Classical and any subsequent physical theories describe elementary particles as almost spot formations with dimensions much smaller than the distance between the two slots ..Much to the surprise of physicists, passing elementary particles (electrons), to doublespot (in fact a reflection of the crystalline metal wire grid) on the screen has the same shape after bending impact of electrons as the passage of light waves. QED this "paradox" "solved" the mathematical wave function, which, however, has no real physical interpretation .. Although the probability of different stretches position elementary particles "throughout the universe", but the basic problem passing elementary particles either both or one slot causally solve!! Richard Feynman in the concept of his theory, all trajectories', even hopelessly fantasizes about the many ways to both electron slots when through all possible paths, even in the constellation Andromeda, to then "somehow" passed through both slots. The problem does not lie in exotic orbits of electrons before passing through the slot, but in principle, to pass contemporary through both!
Feynman’s  phantasmagoria of all possible paths does present, electron transmission through the two slots (which is the condition of its inerference) excluded. Or maybe that electron can move in every conceivable speeds? How else can you just, for the hell, of it to fly over the renowned Andromeda and get the real-time simultaneous passage of both slots? The biggest antiphyzicum QED is the collapse of the wave function. Probability here, the probability of there when the "stray" particles actually appear somewhere, it's completely noncausal wave function in plants. Causality here gets into the mystique.      

How is "looking" for interference of  elementary particles on double slits the kvarton’s physics?

It must be said that the primary cause of this phenomenon is the fact that vakant (submicroscopic "eye") of elem. particles are moving in their three-dimensional lattice kvarton‘s "world" literally "dragged" and directed the move with asymmetric makrovolume elevator massfield. (See principle of motion). Therefore, it is quite normal that passes itself vakant although one particular slit, but his makrovolume massfield as well as the solenoid. wave passes through both slits conveniently provided that they are sufficiently close together. Thus macroscopic field mass particles through both slits just like electromagnetic wave with all the consequences and, therefore, interferes with the slits. Slits for the interference of coherent mass wavefronts from both slits create a "transport" channels of excitation maxima between minima. Vakant passed one of the slits to "take" immediate "transport channel" with a maximum asymmetry of excitation, which then leads reliably vakant of electron to the display. From the description it is clear that he is not a group interference beam elem. particles. The phenomenon of interference occurs when each individual passage of a single particle and its massfield trough doubleslits. The rational interpretation not need any wave function with its collapse, spreading almost any point of the electron around the universe! But the fact is that the massfield excitation of electron theory extends throughout the universe, but technically the real dimension of the electron does not exceed a thousand vakant its size when the level of excitation kvartons is 1 millionth of the value of the first excitation excit. shell. Wave frequency associated with asymmetrical massfield is given by the slope (gradient) of that asymmetry. I therefore pleased to declare that "the heart of quantum physics" flagrantly testifies usefulness kvartonového model vacuum (KMV)

In the last decade of the last century, scientists tried to catch powerfully electron during its passage through one of the slits. They invented a lot and been around it much ado: electron behaves differently when observed, when no one else "stare". Elementary particles have been attributed to psychological characteristics diva. You could call it for funy: humanizing elementary particles. Some scientists have started more interested in the psyche particles than in physics. Had a bit of thinking logically, they would overlook that a necessary condition of any interference is coherence masswaves from the two slots. Any slightest effort to identify the physical passage vakant through  one slot is associated with the interaction with the meter apparatus with flow masswaves for doubleslot and logically leads to a distortion  the coherence and thereby to cancel interference. So far they did not get it.

                                           Pseudophyscical cases.
In this section, I will discuss several cases in my flawed with respect to protophysics, interpretation of some important physical experiments they have fatally affected the development of physics.

              What is lighter? Pounds of feathers or a pound of iron?

Pound, Rebka and their gamafotons in gravitational field.
Invariance of photons in gravitational field, or about one scientific mystification.
These two physicists devised a very sophisticated experiment which wanted to verify one of the theses of OTR. This Theses refers of changes the passage of time, in gravitational field depending on the gravitational potential. They used a very accurate method of Mössbauer resonance absorption of the photon. The principle of resonance absorption asserted Pound and Rebka is as follows: heavy gama photon emitted  by radioactive nuclei 57Cu during its decay to 57Fe can be resonantly captured by a different atom kernel, 57Fe, only when the energy difference of his emission and absorption is zero.. In other words, the photon will be  captured of nucleus 57Fe,  only that its energy corresponds  exactly to  difference between the  energy levels of the absorbing nucleus. If  is different, not absorption. In the old water tower in Harvard Institute of Physics, the physicists  P+ R emit gamaphotons, once from bottom to top, second from the top to bottom. Gamaphotons from the decay of  nuclei  57Cu  let them fall in the iron detector   The photon detector  placed behind the iron target, recorded the intensity of gamaphotons of their absorption in the iron target  in dependence on the difference gravitational potential  between the emitter and absorbent. After the performed measurements was  concluded that  intensity of absorption depends on the gravitational potential. P+R deduced from this measurement that the photons in gravitational field changes its frequency. But they measured not the actual total energy/mass of gamaphotons! They  only found out, that it had changed the ratio of energy/mass of gamafotons and energy/mass of  nuclear levels of nucleons in target !!! RNDr. Ullmann specifies that: „If energy of gamma quanta is exactly equal to the energy of nuclear levels,of Fe57 can be such a gamaphoton absorbed by this core. . If these two values of energy, emission and absorption, isn't  quite near,  resonant absorption no occurs.“ Both scientists  find out only this:  when the emitter and absorber aren‘t at the same height in gravitational field, changing the conditions for resonance absorption. Nothing more! In no case didn‘t measure directly mass/frequency gamafotons! But exactly  the same way has changed  the mass of  nucleons in  detector: When nucleons  have been carry  upwards it increase their mass in gravitational field  and photons seems to be against them lighter.    If  they return  down,   increase  their binding in gravitational field and  they return  acquired mass. And the photons seems to be against them hevier. So if photons flying up out of gravipole, they meet with an increasingly heavier nucleons. If they flies down to the centre of gravitational field meet  with lighter nucleons. There, below are nucleons gravitationally more bound  ie they are  lighter than these on the above  where nucleons are less bound, in the gravitational field therefore, have a greater mass than those below. I 'm calculated that relative change of rest mass of nucleons   emitter i absorber in gravitational field  is  the same as relative change in mass of fotons!!! But no, absolute  exactly, but "only" on 14 decimal places! Is that enough? Just change height in the earth's gravitational field  about 22.6 m and the relative change of rest mass of measuring apparatus (due to changes  gravitational binding with height),is the same   as was in   experiment P+R in their measurements in Harvards water tower.
dmn = 2,19 . 10-15
So who is right? Gentlemens P+R  have found only this: a photon that flies in gravitational field toward up  to detector  must be for reaching resonant absorption   to stimulate the emitter by movement of toward up. If the emitter photon is at the top and   in bottom is  detector thus to achieve resonance is necessary move the detector toward down. Thats all that was mesured. With  movements by apparatus (emitter, detector)  was compensate the differences in the rest  masses of the nucleons, arising from different their locations in the gravitational field. It had itself shows what changes in the gravitational field.
In reality, the situation since the Newton time is this: if the emitter and absorbent are at the same potential-level in gravitational field, nucleons of emitter and nucleons of absorbent have exactly the same weight and nothing prevents resonance capture of emitting photons arising from the disintegration of the nucleus 57Cu with nucleus 57Fe of absorbent. With different of their hight changes their rest mass and disturbs resonance capture
If P + R emitter placed down and absorbent up to the tower, they supplied by plotting absorbent up to his nukleons a little more weight (there is reduced their gravitional bond!) than the nucleons in emitter below. If the emitter they brought up, than his nucleons are contrary to "slap" heavier than nucleons of absorbent on bottom, (thereby the higher gravitational binding). These facts are well known in the Middle Ages; gentlemen P + R ignored it. Why? It is hard to speculate. Probably just wanted to serve to his dream.
 It is, after all think that in the stronger gravitional field below the tower is the emitter of nuclei nucleons slightly lighter and therefore emit up to top gamafotons slightly "lighter" than the gamafotons from emitter if it is at the top of tower,  where the nucleons are slightly heavier and of course sending down to absorbent  "heavier" photons.
Bearers of wrong ideas in their time will   get   truth by history!
To mister Swansont:
Yes, easy life have those who have  everytime  this correct true.   And do not mind them that their true is  frequently changes.  But I would not change with them!

And that was the difference in weight of the gamaphotons and the measured meter of  P + R. First of all, they should know,  that all the free (ie not gravitional bound) material objects in gravitional field (ie if they are in free motion) no change its overall weight! Why should be changed its weight  free photons?! Unfortunately P+R prefer to attendance  Benefiting to GTR. In this benefiting there is some mysterious deceleration of time, but only to decrease (due to the gravitational bond) inertial mass of elementary particles which, due to the lower mass, naturally emit photons with a lower mass/frequency than the same elementary particles they are outside of gravitational field. Yes, the clock driven with photons of Balmer‘s line, broadcast from hydrogen atom from the sun, will lag to the same clock controlled Balmer’s line broadcast of terrestrial hydrogen atoms. But it's not due to some esoteric deceleration time on the sun, but just because on the sun they have a lighter, ie  gravitationally bounded hydrogen atoms, which broadcast to Earth lighter (ie less frequent) photons. It's all just blacksmith 'physics.    
 P + R in their calculations entirely neglected the change of rest mass its measuring apparatus with a height in a gravitational field. Their measurements found only a relative change of the photon mass ratio to the mass measuring device. More specifically: change of neutron mass to the iron atom in the target. Interpretation of the two opposing variants: a / with increasing height in the gravitation field realistically reduce weight increasing photon, while neutrons in the target weight has not changed, or b / with height in gravitational field is reduced gravitational  binding and increased weight of the apparatus, (target nucleons), while the mass of the photon with the height remains constant. In both variants increased the ratio mn / mf. And this increased relative weight ratio of neutrons to photons gentlemen P + R measured. Who knows the law every physical binding, including binding of bodies in a gravitational field, he knows that in the direction of decline gravitational potential, ie to the center of the earth, growing size of the gravitational binding elements which is necessarily accompanied by shrinkage (emanation) their resting energy /mass. Therefore, contrary for distant objects out of gravitational field need them the (in fall)surrendered binding energy/mass to deliver. This "service" done them gentlemen L + R when measuring apparatus brought up there in the water tower. It is still very small, but for that experiment a significant amount of weight, which, they passed to the nucleons in their apparatus , when bring them up. The apparatus thus has above "the slap" of rest mass greater than down. The relative increase in mass of the apparatus (nucleons) has exactly the same value (2.20. 10-15), that is calculated as the relative frequency reduction/mass of the photon! Thus, if the mass of nucleons in target with his height increases, then logically don‘t alter the mass of freely moving photons, the achieving measured relative changes in weight!
The conclusion is that the experiment P + R showed complete invariance mass (frequency) of photons as they travelin trough gravitational field. Of course, if the atoms are closer to the center of gravity are thus, due to gravitational binding "lighter" and theys electrons also emit "lighter" photons, ie photons with less frequency. Cesium clocks, which are controlled by frequency photon radiation of cesium atoms, ie go down slower than the clock located above, out of gravifield. Naturally. Einstein concluded from this that the time in the gravifield, thanks to his equations goes slowing. If, however, used a controlled pendulum clock would have found that these times they are going down faster than the top. Finito.

Graphical representation of error Lords Pound and Rebka in their measurement frequency (weight) of photons in gravifield
rectangle = measuring apparatus at different distances from the surface colored blue planet
 the small disk = photon flying out of the earth‘s gravifield
Shades of brown rectangles represent increasing rest mass of measuring apparatur with height in the gravitational field
Permanent light brown color of disk-photon is invariant mass of the photon expressed in gravifield. Growing differences of color saturation of apparatus due to the invariant color of the photon expresses the relative change in the measured mass in experiment P + R

Please, click on picture to enlarge

                                        The case of Cepheids

Blinking dolls in the universe

Rancorous relativists like to emphasize that no one who is moving inertia alone can not detect this your movement. They said no one can ever know who really and inertialy moves. If the universe to man, or man against the universe. He can! I've compiled a thought experiment called: Cepheids. Some will know these "candles of universe", which changes its brightness with a fairly accurate frequencies of the order of days. Each has its own characteristic Cepheid period changes of intensity, and it is like her identity card. And this cepheids periodicity can be used to know own inertial motion. Imagine this: astronauts are issued at 0.96 c (Lorentz factor = 5) on a journey through space. They fly somewhere inertial motion of the star Alpha the route, which is exactly perpendicular to the direction of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), where there are several Cepheids with known periodicity changes in brightness. Those astronauts are any sharpeners, know these Cepheids and their periodicity and honestly counted it during the flight. Recorded periods of all Cepheids in LMC. When they fly the distance to the star Alpha, which is located from the Earth about 4.9 ly, they find that their on-board clock is only one year from the start. From the records of Cepheids peroidicity but finds that the number of changes of each Cepheid luminosity corresponding totals in 5 years, not just one year. So they have this dilemma: either to increase five times the frequency of all observed Cepheids in LMC against to values ​​known from terrestrial monitoring, or them significantly, (ie on the fifth), slowed their comparative internal time in ship (ship‘s hours). And because, as I wrote, they aren‘t no pencil sharpeners, which can be drunk crap STR of the contraction the surrounding space, clearly they came to the conclusion that with the universe has nothing terrible happened in the form of horrible contractions, but just them, due to their real motion and five times increased their restmass, slowed down their own shipping time. Nothing more! Instead of earthly (and galactic) five years they filmed their clocks just one year.
One particularly insightful, sailor expressed the opinion that it is possible that their ship and they themselves gained in accelerating on the c = 0.96  in 5 times more weight than their earthly resting. And so peacefully they came to what I say already before some years: that with creasing uprest mass of objects decreased their intrinsic reactivity, or their internal time. This phenomenon is called a dilation of time. And at this valuable experience gave to the Earthlings (because who knows when and if ever return to Earth), they sent back to Earth along with photos of stars Alpha an information on the number of recorded periods of Cepheids in the LMC, from their start to meeting with Alfa and a true local time in their ship while passing around the star Alpha. On Earth "arrived" these data after 10-years from their start of Earth. Earthlings number of periods Cepheids are not surprised, because they know that the star Alpha is 4.9 light years distant and so the ship‘s fly on it took to five Earth‘s years. Number of earthlings recorded of Cepheid period luminosity is responsible. The only thing it does not ship‘s hours is the time recorded when passing the star Alpha. Because even among the earthlings were some smart people thought the same thing as the keen sailor: Thanks fivefold, uprest mass of the ship and all that is in it, they are the fifth slowed their internal time. Earthly and galactic time went by, however, despite the STR, throughout the journey astronauts evenly and calmly 5 times faster than the time the boat. Lessons from the cases Cepheid is this: Moving of  material object to kvarton‘s field (three-dimensional lattice) is verifiable. I believe it will be possible to detect the absolute motion in itself a moving object, such as its asymmetry massfield. For example, can be appropriately measured in experiment asymmetry massfield of globe (his gravifield)  in the direction of its movement. My approximate calculation of the asymmetry of gravifield on aur globe for his planetary motion is about 1nano. In the direction of motion the earth are all atoms of 1 nano its normal value heavier (due to the velocity of massfields asymmetry) and therefore accurate, eg cesiums clock had to go on the side of the globe in his direction of its motion, more slowly than on its opposite side. Ones will be performed experiment to prove this prediction.

Just look to each his own good heart ...;

Physical nature of nuclear forces (so far just my speculation; stump). Atomic nuclei are "strongest" microobjekts in space. The fundamental condition of a nuclear ties within atomic nuclei is the singlvakants of groups P and N, ie vakants neutrons and protons. There is no stable atomic nucleus consisting only of protons or only of neutrons. Although classical physics says that nuclear "force" between the proton and neutron are the same as between two protons, or between two neutrons. If this were the tru, there could be a stable nucleus onlyof protons (mainly nuclei with fewer protons) or only of neutrons. Theres no exist! So it is clear evidence of the necessity of the presence of both types of nucleons in the formation of nuclei. (Helium core is actually the macropicture of kvarton with replacement  antiprotoels (p '), (n') to protoels (p), (n)). Socrates physics explains the existence of atomic nuclei bygrupe antipodity (P-N) between protoelements (p) and (n). The established bond  between protoely (p) and (n) is probably mainly at the expense the loss mass of protoel (n) and therefore in the nucleus are never to "decay" of bond neutron (if it don’t  exceed number of neutrons in the nucleus to optimality P-N bond. Strongest, ie with the highest deficit of the bonded mass are symmetric nuclei with the same number of protons and neutrons. however, with the growth of protoels (p) grows its electric hub and grows their negation grupe links between nucleons in the nucleus and therefore this binding deficit is offsets by increasing the number of unbalanced protoels (n), which increase grupe binding in core and eliminate the destructive charge repulsion of protoels (p). If, however, a large surplus(supercritical) number of  neutrons in the nucleus (especially for nuclei with a small number of nucleons), decreases between neutrons share their mass of grupe links and, therefore, can any of these excess neutrons to get his binding mass back and be "fragments" as any of the free neutron. 

                            "Cosmic" muons as verifikants of STR

Muons falling on the Earth's surface due to the interaction atoms in the high atmosphere with particles of cosmic ray have been declared for the relativist direct confirmation of the validity of that same STR ​​reciporocitys relativistic effects predicted by Einstein's special theory of relativity. What was then directly measured and confirmed by experiments? Nothing else, only that the muons generated by mention interactions with atoms at an altitude of 20-30 km still hit to the Earth's surface. Which shows that their „halflife" is not resting two microsec, but at least 40 times larger, ie at least 80 microsec. That's all that was directly measured of physics! In any experimental device wasn‘t actually measured the alleged own country time slows down, against the muon‘s itself time, or the contraction height of the "birth" muon above the surface of the Earth! These are all just reasoning, assuming that this must muon "see." It is one of the stupidest statements of physicis: "from look of" muon slows down time across the whole globe and longitudinal contraction. Real physical  phenomena and states are not "real" only ‚from look‘ of a subject, but in the relation to kvarton‘s vacuum environment. Greatly increased "lifetime" muon, can be logically explained by many times magnified muon‘s masses, not due to the very large velocity muon, but just to the opposite: high translational speed of the muon is induced by high gradient of asymmetry his massfield and much greater his  mass. This high up-rest mass of muon exceeding 40 times muon’s rest mass, of course its the tru cause of the 40-multiple slowdown of internal muon‘s reactivity, its internal time. 

is a logical consequence of gravitational binding saturation phenomenon is sufficiently great set material objects (atoms). Each physical link is accompanied by the (realized), zooming out (emited) external mass, ie mass as excitation kvartons in the mass field of particles, or a set of physical objects all spatial sizes. It is a necessary condition for any physical bonding, which is added to the excitation of all kvartons in common  field(additive) Common fields bounds the objects at all internal connectors between these objects. Of course, at the expense of external excitation parts of total mass array of these objects. With the gradual gravitational convergence of whole set of material objects thus increasing excitation of kvartons of internal connecting line within the file, as the gravitational bond between these objects and in parallel decreases  excitation on outside the combined mass of the  whole file. If is reached the convergence material objects, their degree of internal gravitational binding Evaz numerical value of the original total rest mass of the whole set of objects (scattered far away in space) M. c2, there is a phenomenon called gravitational binding saturation, when  the mass of Mg external gravitational field of the whole macroset goes to zero. To further contraction of the macroset and thus to further increase the internal gravitational binding is not a physical reason, no longer to pay off the amount of macroset, ie gravitational binding could not be greater! This state atoms stellar macro set with virtually zero external gravitational field I called gravitational monolith - in short, gravimon.
It's similar an giant macropolymer analogy of kvarton. The bondary between the internal field of kvartons in this macroset are, deleted ', all protoels are an huge macrocrystals in which each protoel firm the position on the way of atoms in crystals of metals and salts. If the all-out saturation binding antipodean protoels inside kvarton convergence occurs when the 4 antipodean protoels are in supercritical volume, then to total saturation of gravitational binding of monopodean objects (nucleons), occurs by the supercritical convergence immense macroset  these objects. And there is realised then, when Evaz = Mo.c2. So when coupling energy/mass is equal to the rest mass/energy of all gravitationally bound objects. According to various models of gravitational binding spherical bodys would to total saturation of the star gravitational binding should occur during contraction in traffic on the radius Rsat = Rg / 2 to 2Rg / 5 .  Radius of saturated volume of this star,  is always  Rsat > 0.  I believe that such astronomical objects in the universe are. It is the final stage of "life" macrostars. Unlike the so called black holes, they havenť zero radius, and they lack an external gravitational field. Cosmic particles collides with this object immediately totally emited their mass and become an integral part of the "protoels" macrocrystal. Now you make a great speculation: Gust of dust grains in to intergalactic gas when once they lose (radiates) in falling to gravimon his whole mass, can be a source ultrahigh energetic cosmic rays (E > 1021 eV), whose source is yet unknown to astrophysicists.

 In conclusion, "for amusement in the room", I'll have one more "crazy" speculation about the origin of the cosmic background radiation. Based on the ideas of space filled with kvartons continuously attacking us, perhaps heretical thought: how to pass through this material environment photons of electromagnetic radiation? Dissemination in space is alternately intersecting generate electric and magnetic fields at every point (kvarton) on theys routes. Ie the spread of each photon quanta as mass/energy with the speed of c is of the advancing realized  by excitations and retroactively nulity of kvartons all along the route of its spread. Is this mediation activities of kvartons completely selfless? Transmit to neighboring kvartons ideal and totally all the energy/mass of a photon? Not remain them in "fingernails" even selfsmallest division of photon’s energy? Normally, about, by the standards of anthropology, not. But for  the "endless" kvarton‘s universe between galaxies and their clusters this would be perhaps ideal, lossless transmitter of course  by the absence of gravity. The gravitational field is characterized by the fact that it interferes the intergalactic structure of kvarton’s "ocean".  Gravitational field distorts the nulityes homogeneity of that "ocean". Such gravitationally disturbed environment ceases to be an ideal lossless, superconducting photons lightconductor. Walking kvartons are "scraped" of their quite negligible mass. So photons that travel through this disturbed space over large intergalactic distances come to Earth those inhomogenities somewhat " scraped" ie with reduced mass. The reduced mass of the photon, however, is reduced its wave frequency. Astronomers this understandably reflected as "redness" of photons. For the larger distance photons come, the more "scraped", ie redder. And what is happening with the "finely grate ' mass on the path of photons? Kvartons seized scraped energy/mass gradually "warm up" and become in the absolute  frost (t → 0 ° K) the secondary sources very low heat radiation,  proportional to the temperature "emitters" A lot probably think, don‘t be it ‚very low heat radiation’ the famous relict radiation? Yes, of course it's very possible! Then obviously its "blush"   extragalaktic photons and the existence of the cosmic background radiation as "swarf" are two sides of the same coin: gravitational  microinhomogenity  of physical vacuum environment. This original explanation of both phenomena has one huge cosmological advantage: needs no Big Bang, or some inflationary "blown away" of the universe, even catastrophic false vacuum phase transition. ‚Reding' kcosmic photons therefore does not indicate mad dash galaxies and so called relic radiation from the Big Bang does not come! The universe had no beginning in BB and therefore may not be (somewhere?) expand! He was here, is here, it will be here! For ever and ever, would tell the curate. Sekula sekulorum, said the Pope. I ask you, "in the room": Is it crazy enough? 

I'm a little puzzled so called accelerated expansion. Astronomers have measured a certain disproportion between the distance and magnitude of galaxies from the Hubble resulting formula for the relationship between distance and the degree of spectral shift. Astronomers have just discovered that the Hubble formula for very distant luminous objects are not linear. Very distant galaxies are apparently moving away faster than them by Hubble. It concluded that the expansion is accelerating galaxies. Why the very distant exhibit excessive Doppler values ​​receding? Simple explanation given in the following chart of photons passing a huge amount of galaxies and their gravitational fields. Distance on the chart is plotted logarithmically for its reduction. On this graph, it is clear that the photons passed from distant sources, which is the passage trough the strong gravitational field galaxies frequently. In these sections of the path of the photons in extended gravitational excitations is impaired lightcoducting of kvarton‘s continuum and thus there is a magnified "grating" photons. Hubble formula is tested for radiation galaxies of nearby universe 'where there is no path trough a strong gravitational field. Therefore, the degree of spectral shift, "redness", depending on the distance resources is smaller.
This interpretation of "accelerated expansion" still shows the same thing: no stampede of galaxies, let alone accelerated, not only the light from very distant galaxies is due to 'the more frequent passage nearby galaxies more "scraped" than would correspond to Huble close relationship to the universe.
The following chart also explains, in my opinion, Olbers paradox absence seamless brightness across the sky. Light radiation infrauniverse to us occurs only in the infrared and microwave region.

Please, click on picture to enlarge

This diagram explains the apparent accelerating expansion of the universe and also remote so called Olbers paradox: light rays of galaxies infrauniverse by the way to the Earth moves into the invisible infrared spectrum. All this applies, provided that the passage of light trough the gravitational fields galaxies assigned the higher translational loss of energy (mass), than its passage trough the space outside the galaxy.

Interpretation of phenomena such as spectral shift of EMR, or redshift, relict radiation RR and indirectly also purported "accelerated stampede Galaxy" is based on two premises:
The entire universe is filled with material structure that isn’t  rigid nature, therefore has a nonzero but finite value of the modulus of elasticity E (0 < E <∞). This means that such structure or its components, is capable of harmonic oscillation towards some nulityes state. So to be able to transmit trough the space some physical oscillation is necessary to have  an correspondence environment, that is not materially empty but not rigid, motionless.
The second premise assumes that lightcoducting of area is the largest in the state of least excitation of its material elements (kvartons), ie absolute homogeneity kvarton‘s continuum. Then lightcoducting achieves state of superconductivity. With the growth of excitation kvartons and other inhomogeneities aof continuum rate is declining lightcoductivityes given environment.

  The fact that the space is very ‚flexible ' convince us alone existence of the gravitational field. When is inserted into the (empty) space physical body its mass excites  in the space around him gravitational field that disrupts the status null and void of each kvartons, as elements of this gravitational field and thus the homogeneity of this field, that was before inserting this gravitational body, empty kvarton‘s continuum. If this material continuum hasn‘t a property of elasticity, then if you should remove excitation objects  from this area, nothing will leads to spontaneous canceling the gravitational field, ie return back the kvartons in null and void positions! If I know Einstein's GTR of elasticity modulus of space no considered. And it does not deal with who and what force returns the gravitational state of kvartons backward into state of kvarton‘s nullification. I ask you: What straightens from gravity curved geometry of space? Some antigravityes perhaps?

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 8 evidence of usefull the Socrates hypothesis

Proof 1                                                                 Machine translation from Czech language
Charge uniformity of elementary particle
All experimentally confirmed elementary particles, no matter how exotic and unstable, have either zero, or  positive or negative electric charge Q = ± 1,602 .10-19 C. Official physics this Charged uniformity already knows, but she do not know the cause and nature! It is obvious from the structure of elementary particles according to Socrates' model: In the micro-foundation (vakant) of all real particles with non-zero electric charge is always one protoel group P, as a unit of electrical charge carrier QP = ± 1,602 .10-19 C. Massfield of elementary particles with one protoel group P in its vakant is electrically polarized radially. Because of this mass radial polarization field, have all elementary particles, either positive or negative, but always the same size, the unit of elementary electrostatic charge of± 1,602 .10-19. C.
Even with the alleged hypothetical quarks with fractional charge in all their interactions (decay) they transmit always the compact unit size of charge 1,602 .10-19 C. 
Socrates' model of elementary particles thus causally explains the charge-uniformity of all elementary particles.
This fact alone would be in the impartial physical environment considered as a sufficient argument for Socrates model. So far, no physical model of "world" this no solved. All theory using experimentally measured values

Proof  2
Lepton mass is determined by differential weighing antipodean nucleons.Leptons are generated vakants, containing two antipodean protoelements. Four Socrates elementary particles (p) (p '), (n), (n'), together can create only these four combinations:(pn '), (np), (pp'), (nn ') First two variants are vakants of particles with an electric charge, a positron and an electron. The second and third variant forms is vakant for neutrino and antineutrino. Vakants both neutrinos are identically antipodean protoels of groups P and Ngroups, which has totally nullify his material and charge effects on outer space and, therefore, their mass is very close to zero.
Both leptons with charges are generated of vakants containing 2 antipodean uneven protoels: one of the P group, the second of group N. Protoels group N have the same weight | mn | = 1.67482. 10-27 kg. Weight of both groups protoels P | mp | = 1672 52 .10-27 kg. It is therefore evident that the resulting weight of these two components P + N within vakant is not zero. In both variants, (pn ')(np), slightly higher weight protoelu group N, which gives the resulting differential particle mass. In the case of the electron is the positive mass of protoel (n) in the case of positron predominant negative weight of protoel     (n‘). From which it is also necessary to subtract the weight of the binding affinity of the binding P-N size mP-N = - 0.782 MeV/c2.
The result is that the electron has a resultant mass M(e) = m(n) - {m(p ') ─ m (PN)} = (1.67482. 10-27 kg) - {(1672 52nd 10-27 kg) - (0.782 MeV/c2)} = 9 kg 1091.10-31. The Antipodean simple mass relation m(n) + (-m(p'), it must be still deduct affinity  P-N bond that is 0.782 M eV/c2.
The same mass as an electron but with a minus sign, has the positron. Affinity P-N bond is primarily responsible for binding nucleons in the nucleus.
Generally we can say that the mass of the electron is given by the differential neutron and antiproton mass, minus the mass of the P-N bond. Weight of positron is differential of proton mass and antineutron mass, - m (P-N). Unit electrical charges of both leptons are the result of the participation charge protoelu group P, with a negative electron (p'), for positron positive (p).
Also, this causal relationship of lepton's mass to nukleons's mass yet no theory solved. All Theory using experimentally measured values

Proof 3 
Lack mononukleonových cores
Socrates' model of particle implies that nucleons of one type, ie, only protons, neutrons, or just can not create a stable bound system known atomic nucleus, because they lack mutual bond, induced PN affinity, ie, binding affinity between protoely groups P and N. In addition to hydrogen 'core' does not exist any other mononukleonové stable atomic nucleus. The current knowledge of physics of atomic nuclei confirm this dependence! There are only a core of protons and neutrons or just. For the existence and stability of the atom. cores, the participation of both types of nucleons necessary.Affinity PN bond is also a crucial element for the cohesion kvartons. Without its presence would kvartons rapidly disintegrated into two components Antipodean (pp ') and (nn'), ie both neutrinos.

Proof 4 
Interference particle on doubleslits
Socrates demonstrates the idea of ​​symbiosis elemenmtárních particles as sub-microscopic nucleus (vakant) surrounded by a macroscopic field excited kvartons elevator weight. According to Socrates 'ideas external interference (external stimulus) due to the asymmetry of the excitation field causes mass displacement vakantu kvarton' space. According to de Broglie wave concept / pilot is vakant particles "dragged" by asymmetric field in the direction of greatest excitement of this field This fact argues strongly for the passage of particles, and its weight. doubleslits field. Mass macroscopic field easily passes through both slits simultaneously and then interfering with both the field and the second one passed through the slit. The resulting interference field leads (trails) vakant (passing one of the slits) one of the closest route to the interference maxima dispeji field.

Proof 5 
Displacement electric current
Every electrical charge, including one on the capacitor plates polarizing the surrounding area, resulting external charge-polarization kvartons shift counter-charged protoels p-p' inside kvartons. This movement raises rounds around the track counter-movement within their kvartons external magnetic field. Because this phenomenon is conditioned by moving charges, the formation of the magnetic field appears only for changes in amount of charge on the capacitor plates. Which corresponds to the observed measurements.
 Transmutation and decay of elementary particles, creates together with the principle of uniformity charge two main pillars of  Kvarton's model of the universe.

  Proof 6                   
The essence of gravity
APdirect physical nature of gravity AP correctly don't knows. Only assumes an unspecified form of activity of material bodies to the geometry of space that evoke change in its geometry. Why this alleged change the geometry of space causes gravitational effects (body movement) AP yet don't know .
KMV: The essence of gravity, as well as any motion of bodies (particles) is to call forth a asymmetry in excitation  of massfield of particles  (solids). This asymmetry arises in direct interactions between excitated kvartons  in the common area; strictly speaking: as the integral sum of  excitation of kvartons from all vakants located in a given area. The gravitational field is simply the  resultant massfield of all excitated kvartons  from all  vakants. This field is for large astronomic bodies spherical.  . Material  solids in it moving in the direction of the increase asymmetry of the excitation  ie to the center of gravity.

   Proof 7              
Black holes, gravimons
AP:  If the concentration of particles of star reach the overallotment value,    the power of gravity prevails over the expansive forces of internal radiation of any kind  this  body inevitably collapses into a dimensionless volume, black holes'. From  so called event horizon of radius Rg don't move any material objects, or photons.
KMV: Neither body with overallotment  weight will not fall to dimensionless point. Gravitational contraction stops when it sets  the state of saturation of gravity, ie, when Rn = Rg /2  In this state, the star radiated almost all her inner mass when Evaz = Mh.c2. Such is the state of saturation of gravity! Another contraction hasn't physical reason; the gravitational binding can not be bigger! The result is the formation, so called gravimon with nonzero radius. This bizarre body certainly does not broadcast any  radiation, simply because it has no mass!  There is nothing to radiate! Any material that comes into contact with that body, passes with jump into a state of total binding, which is associated with the emission of huge mass of quanta-photons. Here you can search for sources of particles KZ with huge energy.

 Proof 8                
Secret of nuclear "force"
AP: The nuclear force between nucleons is the residual force between quarks. Nuclear forces are as great as between two protons and two neutrons equal as between the proton and the neutron. AP of this universality of nuclear forces effectively allows the existence and monoprotons and mononeutrons cores which, however, actually not occur in the nature!
KMV: linkage nuclear forces have their origin in the existence grupové P-N affinity that binds together protoels of groups P and N  within kvartons. It is the primary physical binding of both groups of protoels P and N   within a volume of kvarton. Therefore, is selective nuclear power,with short-range and state of saturation. The element of one group is able to bind up to two elements of opposite group.
The Feynman lestures on physics: "According to the current understanding of the laws of nuclear forces are very complicated, do not recognize a simple way to understand it. Attempts to find a solution to the nuclear forces led to the discovery of many unusual particles such as pions, but the nature of these forces remains unclear.  What can you say?

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Alone soldier in the field, or when it is itself an electron on the world.
                                                       Machine translation from Czech language
 QED says that the interaction of charged particles takes place through the exchange of virtual photons. Well here we go. What will do itself singular electron in the universe? Stops emitting virtual photons, because he realized that it does not make sense? Hardly. Not so smart! So on and on all the directions emits its photons with different mass, because if exist any absorbing particle, they must them bring "on the road" a kinetic mass (ugh, this term is not like ofSocrates). Because without it nor lightest charged particles not moves it.  And so the poor electron emits photons continuously with its greater or  less mass (who will decide? May be expedition?), But he does not receive any tangible  photons: for he is in this world alone. Question for fans of QED: Where takes electron still more and more mass for his virtuals? Nobody in the universe can not give to him  any mass. How long does it last?
Already, are you understand whyphysicist Lee Smolin argues that QED is "sick", imperfect, that she needs to be revised or canceled? He does not really stupid nor idiot

I led a discussion on that subject with physicist Dr. Ullmann. He is of the opinion that itself does not emit electrons without moving anything material. Although emits virtual photons but those are intangible. Only when the electron is in motion, until it begins broadcasting material virtual. So I added to the electron another electron still some distance from him. Both particles should begin immediately to move of. But how can they? The moment when I put into the  second electron both particles are at rest and therefore do not emit, according to Ullmann, material virtuals and do not get any momentum they need to move. If you do not get momentum (mv) can not begin to move yourself! According to Ullmann begin the particles emit photons together with tangible fotons impetus to the movement. On a serious answer to this situation I am waiting from physics Ullmann today. Perhaps resign it.

 Solutions by Socrates KMV:

Single electron in the whole universe around him excites macroscopic perfectly spherical material  and electrically polarized field around him and nothing happens. It does not emit any photons, only  stand  without moving. Could stand there forever and not lost neither 1eV of their mass. Now here appears  another electron. He  also creates around him  material field with electrical polarisation.  But in the sum of both fields of each electron, the resulting field  will be not perfectly sphericaly  symmetric; will be asymmetric. And each asymmetric field, by KMV, leads to a movement of both excitors, out in direction  of grow asymetrie.  That's all. Princip of gravity is similar, only there are missing the electrical polarization.  Resulting force is much, much smaller  than with electricity


 Socrates Kvarton model of vacuum (KMV) versus     .Academic Physics (AP)  
                                                                                  machine translation from czech language
                                        The structure of space.
Academic Physics (AP) : Outer space outside the solid material bodies is essentially free from mass, appearing in it only ephemeral, unreal, therefore fantom, so called virtual particles. The geometry of this space can be bended by effect the bodies weight . Which mechanism operates on intangible geometry of space the tangible bodies,  no one yet knows.
 KMV: Cosmic space is continuously filled by continuum of kvartons . Kvarton is the elementary unit of vacuum space. Kvarton is formed by  2 antipodal pairs of  material protoelements , shortly, protoels. Symbolic notation (pp'nn '). Kvartons are the basic 'atoms' of space  fill him quasistationary.

                                           Ether versus kvartons
AP: historical ether forms an unknown, unstructured, stationary, allegedly intangible aura that is contactless to the real material particles.  Relationship of material particles  with ether  is not causally defined.
KMV: spatial continuum kvartons is the symbiotic, organic part of elementary particles. The actual particles are generated by the incomplete kvartons, (called vakants) as anomality structure of kvarton's continuum. Uncompensated  mass action of these submicroscopic anomalits (vakants) on ambient kvartons, creates a macroscopic excitated massfield around vakants. Structural movement  of these vakants through the kvartons continuum is based on transmition these anomality through change structure of kvartons between neighboring kvartons. Kvartons themselves not move

               Socrates' kvarton model of vacuum versus Big Bang
AP: The universe had a beginning called the Big Bang. The beginning about them  are different ideas of astrophysicists. The main evidences for this scenario of origin  universe are : redshift, based on the Doppler effect and omnidirectional microwave background radiation (BR).
KMV: Both measured effects, redshift and BR can simultaneously explain this scenario: If the Universe is filled  by Socrates' kvartons they can serve in the intergalactic space this medium as a light cconductor. But no lightcconductor is  idial, ie totally lossless medium. Light waves passing through this medium  leave  in it almost immeasurable, but nonzero losses. Those ,losses for long time  this medium  heated. "Heated" medium (about 3 K), becomes a secondary source of omnidirectional low thermal radiation - BR. Big Bang is surplus. "                                 

                                     Elementary Particles
 AP: elementary particle consists of several classes of material objects, collectively called hadrons, leptons and intermediáls. All hadrons are formed from "shy", ie invisible, further unstructured unstable quarks, of which  are the hadrons "made".from what are they made leptons and intermediály AF still not knows
KMV: all types of so called elementary particles are created anomality (vakanty) in the structure kvartonového continuum. It is certainly true for hadrons and leptons and so called intermediály. Everything is "made" of the same "dough": only is needs regroup protoels - part of kvartons-  and thus create a wide range of different types of foundations vakants as elementary particles and photons.

                                The particulate mass-storage
AP: spatial storage the mass of elementary particles AP no solve ! AP looks at particles as a point , so the mechanism of emission  or absorption mass of particles  simply no solved. AP just  notes the fact ongoing emission or absorption. These processes are for AF no transparent,and  not causal
KMV: mass of material objects are located in  the macroscopic massfields of elementary particles in the form of  excitation of kvartons contained  in their massfields.  Its spread out in the area around vakantu is either stable, ie spherical, when the gradient of excitation of any kvarton,  decreases with the square of the distance to this point  from vakantu, or it is asymmetric, ie kinetic. Gradient of mass = rate of excitation  kvartons in the mass field.

                            The electric charge of particles
AP: electric charge of particles has 3 variants: positive, negative and neutral. The charge of hadrons, according to AP=, projectiont of heir isospin +  ½ Physical origin  charge of leptons is not known. Charges of all elementary  particles  in the interactions between particles are transferable.  AF the problem essence of the uniformity of charges at all does not address,  although it is a key question of elementary physics.  
KMV: carier unit charge of all elementary particles are both antipodes of protoels group P. Antipodean  protoels from group N are uncharged.  In all interactions protoels from group P are not transferable  their charges! Themselves bearers of charges - protoels of group P - are absolutely stable, ie invariant. Just in this aspect they are  elementary.

                            Kingdom of metaphysics - virtuals
AP:The force interactions between particles mediate phantoms particle-not particle, named virtuals. Detailed mechanism of mediation this force is completely not transparent , the same as , for example, interpretation emission or absorption of real photons
KMV: force interactions between particles are realized by direct physical contact kvartons around vakants of  these interacting particles. Due to the mutual mass interaction between kvartons is changing the character excitation of symmetrically spherical  mass fields on asymmetric massfield. This induced asymmetry is the primary cause of the spatial movement of vakants in the direction of increasing gradient of asymmetry of massfield. Vakants of particles themselves do not emit or absorb anything! The resulting  particulate mass is determined by the level of excitation its field. By emission or absorption changes  the rate of excitation  kvartons in the mass field of particles .

                                Transmutation of elementary particles
AP: transformations of elementary particles is going on the action of the strong and weak nuclear forces. The mechanism of action of these forces is completely opaque. In the equations is described only the initial state and final state. Particles transmutation process itself takes place in a "black box" and lacks  succession and causality.
KMV: The transmutation of elementary particles occurs by direct contact of themselves vakants, situated in the center of mass field these particles. In this contact, there arise a resonance with ultra short time of intermediate state, which then, due its high instability, decay back to simple vakants of particles. Such a break-up, however, may not always lead to the original types of vakants. And that is the essence of transmutation. In  these direct interactions of vakants always retains the number and quality protoels taking part in it! Varies only constellation of storing them in new vakants. As already mentioned above: parity and charge of protoels  is invariant under all circumstances.
Transmutation and decay of elementary particles, creates together with the principle of uniformity charge two main pillars of  Kvarton's model of the

                                           The essence of gravity
AP: direct physical nature of gravity AP correctly don't knows. Only assumes an unspecified form of activity of material bodies to the geometry of space that evoke change in its geometry. Why this alleged change the geometry of space causes gravitational effects (body movement) AP yet don't know .
KMV: The essence of gravity, as well as any motion of bodies (particles) is to call forth a asymmetry in excitation  of massfield of particles  (solids). This asymmetry arises in direct interactions between excitated kvartons  in the common area; strictly speaking: as the integral sum of  excitation of kvartons from all vakants located in a given area. The gravitational field is simply the  resultant massfield of all excitated kvartons  from all  vakants. This field is for large astronomic bodies spherical.  . Material  solids in it moving in the direction of the increase asymmetry of the excitation  ie to the center of gravity.

                                        Black holes, gravimons
AP:  If the concentration of particles of star reach the overallotment value,    the power of gravity prevails over the expansive forces of internal radiation of any kind  this  body inevitably collapses into a dimensionless volume, black holes'. From  so called event horizon of radius Rg don't move any material objects, or photons.
KMV: Neither body with overallotment  weight will not fall to dimensionless point. Gravitational contraction stops when it sets  the state of saturation of gravity, ie, when Rn = Rg /2  In this state, the star radiated almost all her inner mass when Evaz = Mh.c2. Such is the state of saturation of gravity! Another contraction hasn't physical reason; the gravitational binding can not be bigger! The result is the formation, so called gravimon with nonzero radius. This bizarre body certainly does not broadcast any  radiation, simply because it has no mass!  There is nothing to radiate! Any material that comes into contact with that body, passes with jump into a state of total binding, which is associated with the emission of huge mass of quanta-photons. Here you can search for sources of particles KZ with huge energy.

                                      Secret of nuclear "force"
AP: The nuclear force between nucleons is the residual force between quarks. Nuclear forces are as great as between two protons and two neutrons equal as between the proton and the neutron. AP of this universality of nuclear forces effectively allows the existence and monoprotons and mononeutrons cores which, however, actually not occur in the nature!
KMV: linkage nuclear forces have their origin in the existence grupové P-N affinity that binds together protoels of groups P and N  within kvartons. It is the primary physical binding of both groups of protoels P and N   within a volume of kvarton. Therefore, is selective nuclear power,with short-range and state of saturation. The element of one group is able to bind up to two elements of opposite group.
The Feynman lestures on physics: "According to the current understanding of the laws of nuclear forces are very complicated, do not recognize a simple way to understand it. Attempts to find a solution to the nuclear forces led to the discovery of many unusual particles such as pions, but the nature of these forces remains unclear.  What can you say?

Whereby fulfill outer space ,

to be completely empty?  This problem is indeed considerable . It all started by Michelson . Until his dangerous playing with it‘s interferometer in physics quite calmly runs smoothly . The entire space of the universe was fairly stuffed by ether. Although no one really knew what it was, what it has structure , density, homogeneity, etc. But it does not matter; electric and magnetic fields are beautifully spread everywhere among the atoms . It was such a physical idyll : Atoms in the ether casually " enjoyed " between them and electromagnetic wavelets to communicate their wishes and desires. Blah those were the days before the Michelson came with his crank: repented that he looks the ether for tooth . I do not know what he was thinking, if he sleeped too badly, suddenly " conjuring " with his interferometer and heretical cried:  ether isn‘t! The whole physics froze. How is it not ? ! What is this gibberish? What would the electromagnetic waves rippling around so? However Michelson a stubbornly led him and his other drily asserted that he really is not ! That we had to feel ' his whiff ' to whiz around the surface of the Earth, when it ours Mother 'squeezes ' with speed of 29 km /s in the circulation of the Sun. And it do not mesured! Well, that was a very great upheaval . Right then began the ‚largest brains ' work hard : Fitzgerald, Larmor and Lorentz. Against what do we measure the absolute velocity of body? And they devised a "contraction hypothesis". But still it was not so good. It still represented a move towards something stable .. Kennedy and Thorndike, repeated the Michelson experiment, but used the arms of the interferometer very different  lange. The result was, unfortunately, again negative for the existence of the ether. Well, that was for classical physics directly, ‚on the towel '
 Then the scene swiftly enters A. Einstein with a completely new and very provocative idea: dear gentlemen, he said, ether needless us ! The space around us is completely empty, ie without mass and ether. All inertial systems ( IS) associated with the motion of bodies are not quite equivalent to a description of the physical phenomena appropriate. No IS is superior to another, absolute. Each movement is relative! The train goes left, the landscape runs right: both against each other quite well, relatively moving. Nothing here is absolute! Said Einstein. . Swissman Ritz is still trying to save the ether so-called " ballistic hypothesis " , but then it came complete and irreversible collapse of ether as filling the entire space. Einstein's relativity, this absurdity, the physicists have long defended the "glory“ won. Among the dead often eyed man is king . Einstein put together his Special Theory of Relativity , which is mainly characterized by paradoxes. Scientists are gradually put up with it (a staunch opponents of dying out ) and paradoxes have ceased to notice; nobody is perfect after all! Say the classics.

But apparently growing food taste and Einstein began to deal with the nature of gravity. He could not noticing that in the vicinity of heavy elements is the surrounding area a little weird . Body in it "unreasonable" and rapidly move to each other and to their acceleration is dependent on the distance between the bodies and their mass. Track objects moving in this "strange" space is curving . And all because the body around which the space is "weird" . All this, Einstein had factored into their considerations, but at no cost to the world could not admit that, with empty' space, nesesery for his STR, rather, quit ' . He thought and then said the area around the body, although is still empty, yes, but is there any other  as if bent inside. Yes, yes, that's it. It is somehow bent or curved! What else too, with its' empty space he could do? What otherness can be attributed to the empty space, when he has not mass or charge? So it incurved. Well, the curvature of space is said to cause just the body in it. When he was asked how and where space is curved, slyly answered: to 4. dimension, gentlemen. And phylozophize now ! Where is the empty space on the 4th dimension? Nobody wanted to be a moron and so he nodded approvingly. To this days, A. Einstein owes us an explanation of how the mechanism of this curved space.  It is understandable that the body might somehow affect (even curved?) space in its vicinity, somewhere on the physical interface element - empty space. But why is curved , space, at a considerable distance from the strong body? It was long after Newton we rejected the principle of action at a distance. We still may believe to Einstein that the border area bends his material body contact itself, but what about the very remote, yet "curved" space? What is the mechanism it curves distant space on this  body? Or perhaps distant space curves somehow by itself, or that the curved border area near the body then bends the area farther, even the furthest? But then the author of curvature is not only to the body ,as Einstein figured out, but also the self curved space is said to be the source of curvature even on farthest space. The body is material substance and we know that has mass and its effect on the border area can be a patronizing smile and accept , but the empty space, which according to Einstein predicates for STR fixed, has exactly the same ability to curve space as well as to a material body?! This is too much „strong coffee " , Mr. Einstein! But this antifyzikum physicists finally putting their trust in Einstein's genius , accepted .
There's another important aspect of Einstein's theory of gravity. If we accept his thesis on the curving geometry of the housing here is one enormous BUT. When out of the curved space remove the body, which caused the curvature, it is necessary to ask what happens to the curved space? Will remain curved or equal to itself? Sure parallels, but who would arrange it ? Ducháček? Can change the geometry of space, according to Einstein, mass, but it already in that curved space is not!! Who, then the curved space equals? Physicists silent. With that foreseen that now that in the curved space is no mass there isn‘t the force that would straighten him back . And yet it moves . it wants to say with Galileo and therefore does straightens . In all the books of the world are going in circles rehashing the body curve space. But who straightens it, when the body disappears? Hic Rodos, hic salta! And we're back to the ether, thus some filling that straighten the space after Einstein's rough bend !

But, come on poverty peasants. Gradually gave birth to quantum mechanics and its extension, quantum electrodynamics - QED, a new and revolutionary addressing the interaction between solids and particles. And now there's a new problem: In Einstein's gravity, the body move together as a result of the "invisible" curvature of space in which they are located, while in QED the body ( their elementary  particulates) "attracted" to each other, due to the exchange process virtuals, therefore invisible and elusive particles between those bodies. Virtuals apparently freely flitting between bodies (particles) and transmit between then momentum and kinetic mass. So now we have two natures Gravity: curved space and restless gravitons. So, better to have two natures than noting, it makes sense. But which one is the right one? If the gravitational interaction realized exchangeable with gravitons, as predicted by QED, what would then be necessary to bend the space between bodies?!! That would be wise nature to duplicate so incomprehensibly and the bodies gravitate, both because of the curvature of space and  still exchange virtuals? Sam swear by their virtuals, which attributed all kinds of interactions that are in physics there. But Einstein never gave up his  „crookedness" and until the last days of his life he insisted on the necessity of the curvature of space. However, if there exists virtual gravitons, which have a gravitational interaction between bodies , then the curvature of space around the body superfluous and meaningless! And contrary to what virtuals, when we have the curved space?
But even QED has its own " flies " . Generally it is said that the repulsion of two electrons takes place so that one of them emits a virtual photon and the other absorbs it and sends in return to the first electron his own photon. These emission and absorption apparently changed the momentum and energy of both electrons and to us it seems like the force electrons repel each other. So that explains it such theorist like Chad Orzel in his popularizing book, How to teach your dog physics. (p. 206 ). Chad Orzel expands upon the QED on 245 pages of his book , but this key issue QED pays only those few sentences. There really his clever bitch does not care about the mechanism how the electrons emit virtual photons with which the density and size of their mass? What happens to those virtual photons when will not meet other electrons? If may have virtuals, stir's electrons and bring them momentum, thus the kinetic mass, it must be obtained from the issuer. Where it gains an electron, if all conceivable directions , apparently and continuously sends new and new virtuals all mass categories? Where and how the mass of virtuals disappear that they have not been swallowed up by anyone? . Or perhaps you virtuals emit electrons with high precision focus their photons exactly  just to the surrounding electrons? These are questions that QED is not liable and if so very vague and unspecific. As far as I know, virtual-controlled missiles haven‘t still in their "arms" And so it passed over in silence. Just so somehow the virtuals exchanged about how currency.  Current omnidirectional anyone nonabsorbed virtuals disappears to an unknown destination . Their mass also .. . ( The actual process of emission and capture virtuals is a mystical variety gimmick going under the covered black mulet) . Fathers of QED not interested , but on the senseless virtual obstinately persist. Probably like Einstein on the curved space . They can shake hands!

In fact, the entire development physicists of the 20th century is attempt  the physicists to overcome the ancient of unfortunate Michelson‘s statements: ether is not ! However, with regard to Einstein, physicists could not the Einstein!s emptied space again fill with the real and material environment , which could be , as once ether, serve as an absolute reference IS, as a correspondent environment, because it will primarily buried Einstein's STR. So they conceived not a wheelbarrow, but virtuals. They are said to be suitable for transmitting impulses and masses between elementary particles, but as a world reference material system simply does not exist; as the fireflies above the marsh. They are and are not. Wolf (QED), is said to eat its food and the old goat (STR) we stayed all.
In steps on stage KMV the Socrates' vision of vacuum and elementary particles. With discusses her entire extensive collection of texts, graphs and images, presented under the title: Socrates sensational universe.

or why it hadn't slammed !

Scientists tells us that: the beginning of our universe was a singularity . A singularity is said to be a state in which all matter of the universe was so " squeezed " together that was centered at zero volume , ie its density was infinitely large . But those gentlemen do not realize that a zero volume = no volume. Inside none, or zero volume does not fit or the real one particle of matter , no nothing ! Zero volume is a term suitable for mathematicians games for entertainment , not to the real physics.

Modern physics works with so-called false vacuum which may be present in different phases, with different densities thus vacuum energy . Well , ask therefore : Where are found false vacuum that does not belong to , column ' real matter before the BB ? Outside the zero volume singularity ? Well, probably yes, because the physical vacuum is known to be non-zero dimension ( is everywhere ) and non-zero spreading , unlike singularity . Why therefore needs cosmology instrument singularity ? Nothing in it is because it is to zero , ie no volume , no ANYTHING to fit a false vacuum from which all matter is said to have originated the universe is everywhere outside the singularity . What is a carrier of the vacuum energy , ie , by Czech - emptiness ? He was a good habit that carrier of energy was always a massive structure . Has anyone ever seen the " bare " energy without physical structure? Even the smallest bit of energy is carried by a photocell trivial as his weight . Until we will pay a cornerstone law of physics : E = m.c2 will never exist without any energy equivalent mass! ! Because where mass is zero, there is also his gestate with the speed of light  ie energy, zero! The formula still says energy equals mass and numerically equivalent between these two variables is the numerical coefficient c(2) . Therefore, it is also common in elementary particle physics the mass of the particle is writing in units E/c2 . So if gentlemen scholars say that matter is born of pure energy false vacuum, so it's stupid to the nth degree. It if false vacuum energy, also had to have the equivalent mass!! The mass ( weight) is not born from it, the matter was primarily there. How great is the energy of the false vacuum at zero mass? And we would by kvarton hypotheses physical vacuum , Socrates KMV model.

At the same time phase with a higher content of energy called false vacuum , lies on the timeline of space closest to the zero point . So what actually was in a dimensionless singularity? Compressed to zero volume false vacuum? And what material form should have the false vacuum, if we know that all energy is tied to the physical structure? What was outside the singularity, if not vacuum, ie emptiness ?

False vacuum is said to be very unstable due to their high energy density and have a natural tendency to get into a " balanced " state , get rid of the pressure . (transition  false vacuum ) . It remains only to ask: So what kept the false vacuum in a state of higher energy density, until slammed the BB?

The era of the singularity ended with the expiry Planck time ( 10 (-43) sec) . When it is us suppress  who ingularity "started " we should at least know how long it was singularity "at rest " before it blew up ? It does not appear that anyone of scientists knew it .

At this point, occurred the first phase transition the vacuum. After the expiry of the Planck time separated gravity forces from the other ( elmag. weak nuclear , strong nuclear) ) This moment scientists associated with the so-called inflation of the universe. From the size smaller than a proton universe expanded in size between playing ball and soccer court . It happened in the time of 10.(-35) sec . But we lack information, which force arranged that one expansion of microuniverse when there existed only gravity and that's the force implosion ,  concentric! Complete opposite to expansion ! Even then separated forces : strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces are not expansion! The expansion is linked to the existence of electromagnetic forces, but those we did not yet " evolved " ! So I ask, what power in the interval 10.(-43) sec to 10.(-35) sec introduced the universe to the expansion movement? The Gravity, it couldn‘t be because it has concentric force. A different power in that interval did not exist!! Here's a great BB logical gap.

 Current cosmology provides of 3 evidence for the existence  BB :
1. existence of the cosmic background radiation ( BR) and the "red  shift" of spectral lines in the light of galaxies ( redshift ) .
2.Proportional abundances of elements in the universe with a predominance of hydrogen and helium .
3. Olbersův paradox (night sky is dark, with an infinite number of stars in the infinite universe should have full brightness.)

Ad 1 BR can alternatively be explained as the result of imperfect fiber-optic environments, such as real physical vacuum. Shortly: real outer space is not for any radiation absolutely superconducting , ie absolutely lossless. Each passage of electromagnetic radiation,through this non-ideal "optic conductor" very slightly, can be said to negligible with photon energy costs heats up and becomes a secondary source of very, very low-temperature radiation ( RR) .
For the larger intergalactic distances optical radiation comes to us , the more " mugged " by non-ideal  light conductor" on its original power / mass and looks therefore for our astronomy " redder " .
Astronomical redshift therefore does not necessarily originate in the mechanical Doppler effect , the so-called stampede of galaxies , but completely devoid of ultra fine "grate" mass light photons when their distant wanderings of intergalactic space . Photons with a lighter mass is lower, toward the red end of the spectrum shifted ( red) frequency. In short: redness radiation of galaxies, clearly not demonstrates their expansive omnidirectional flight from us. At the same time the light conductor "sharpened " energy / mass is heated by the light conductor structure - kvartons physical vacuum - radiated in all directions as the secondary very low-temperature microwave background radiation (RR). Comparison with ohmic heating non superconducting wires of electric shock and subsequent secondary radiation of low-potential heat is entirely appropriate. Redshift and relict radiation therefore have a common cause : imperfect, non spuerconducting propagation of electromagnetic radiation, cosmic through the kvarton space. Any material corresponding physical environment has a fixed non-zero rate of loss . Vacuum although is very close to the ideal, but it is not !

Ad 2 Who had already met Socrates kvarton’s model of vacuum it will be to him clear that vakants as the basis elem entary particles naturally arise from complete destruction of kvartons, the basic objects of structure vacuum. It is therefore understandable that most „ break-of" of broken ' kvartons will consist of individual protoels that it will become the singlons - vakants elementary particles of protons and neutrons and their antiparticles. (more about : Sensational Socrates universe, Section 6) Establishment of multiple atomic nuclei requires a high concentration of nucleons for the formation of P-N binding between these simple vakants in a higher form of organization (atom. cores) , but arise only in an environment of extremely high pressures inside stars . It is therefore understandable that the primary objects in the universe are free nucleons. Multiple atomic cores are formed due to the gravity of nucleons in the first stars generation but only in their central region after ignition of nuclear fusion.

Ad 3 Olbers assumed incomprehensibly vast universe clarity. Completely neglected the existence of intergalactic gas and dust that the intergalactic distances effectively absorbs and scatters light radiation. Or did not learn from experience, so to speak home: invisibility center of the aur galaxy, where the density of stars reaches its greatest values ​, so the very center of the galaxy by us should shine even in the daytime sky like a great sun ( see, eg, bright clouds of star clusters) . Unfortunately intragalactic gas and cloud  of dust particles will not let us . It is no different in intergalactic space. Although we expect that in one cubic meter in diameter located one atom , then " pipe " a cross section of 1 m2 , long 1000M l.y. is aligned stacked about 10.(25) gas atoms and dust particles. And that 's a big obstacle to the propagation of light throughout metagalaxie .
This fact is perhaps best peer accesses phenomenon already described in the interpretation of RR and Redshift : imperfection cosmic light conductor! That is the cardinal cause Olbersova paradox!! The origin of visible light from the most distant regions of the universe imaginable comes to us only as thermal radiation. All three above mentioned "evidence " for BB , are in fact result in a single fact: transmission to imperfections conductor  of space a light - kvartons continuum.
Exactly the same origin is now discussed accelerating expansion of the universe. The cause is virtually the same as in the interpretation of Olbers paradox. If we proceed from the assumption that the smallest nominal loss lightconductoring  shows the space environment without disrupting the homogeneity of the gravitational field, then it is obvious that the greater part of his career radiation passes through the gravitational fields of galaxies, clusters of galaxies and clusters of galaxies even higher, the greater its specific losses (losses per unit distance). And here we are at the root of the accelerating expansion! Light coming from a relatively nearby galaxies scattered freely in space passes not  through the gravitational fields of other galaxies ( except our Galaxy ) and is thus a basic nominal loss lightconductoring homogeneous intergalactic environment , undisturbed by gravitational field. Environment disturbed gravitational field has a higher specific loss lightconductoring. For the larger distances us light spread, the greater part of his career are conducted by the gravitational field of galactic clusters and galaxy clusters increasing the total specific loss rate of the light guide . Because the light source is remote, it is in the area of the projection of the track is a larger number of clusters of galaxies with their powerful gravitational field. The resulting extra loss rate of the lightconductor, ie, the standard larger redshift , astronomers is interpreted as accelerated expansion of the universe . But as you can see it is still and always the one phenomenon: the density lightconductering intergalactic environment and its changes . It is simple and foolproof. Socrates's KMV interpret all 4 of the above phenomena hypothesis of Bing Bang, the universe does not need !!
The universe is not static, of course , especially in small galactic volumes. Proof of this explosions of supernovs or collisions of stars and even crashes nearby galaxies (or newly observed turbulent production of stars in the concentration of galaxies ) . Navigating the galactic dimensions is very dynamic, but metagalaxy Global is already very quasi-static .

It is conceivable that ideally homogeneous universe , where all kvartons are void, the state space without excitation of gravitational fields is an ideal, lossless superconductors . But such is not the real universe! The real universe is filled with gravitational fields of different intensity, the largest in the vicinity of material Reles . Far from the body , such as within the local group of galaxies is gravifield very weak and therefore specific loss lightguiding is indeed negligibly small , but not zero. Closer to bodies such specific loss increases in proportion gravitational excitation the kvartons continuum.

The mysterious of nuclear power

In a lengthy treatise Socrates sensational universe I was only marginally mentioned the nuclear force holding the nucleons together. Now, therefore, I want to elaborate more.
From physics we know that the nuclear force mediated by gluons, which the quarks inside nucleons with each other. 'Exchanged.Argument why they do not know. It just makes so perhaps the hell of it. According to the decision of physicists, each nucleon consists of three quarks in three different "colors" and so that at any moment, the resultant additive "color" nucleon was "white". This fancy physicists causes gluonům quarks and considerable organizational difficulties: to preserve in every sebekratším time so that we are currently "not white," or colored nucleon suddenly fall apart.
Quarks can therefore be exchanged between the colored gluons very carefully, that, if possible, at the same time. So if, for example, "green" quark gluon transmits green gluon (nobody knows where?) must at the same time (!) "red" quark send his red gluon to the former "green" quark, so that the three colors of quarks remain constantly maintained! Well,at the two would perhaps like to work. Leaving aside the fact that the quark the gluon sends one in particular, that he lacks some, finding equipment. 'We just have to hope that the quark somehow finds out where the quark is correctly located and sends his gluon toward directly at him. What is the ratio of captured and uncaptured gluons by? Thing, however, is more complex: the quark to which gluon goes with a green branch in his hand, must determine in advance the intention green quark, she is preparing for a change and at the same time to send him his red gluon. At that moment both quarks have no color! This assumes that the red quark knows the current "color" the green quark, which just sent him his green gluon. Otherwise, he might send him as "crappy blue" gluon and it's fall to bummer; nucleon colored as fadet sweater and fall apart. In other words, physicists assume that quarks constantly know their color and its location in the kernel space and also the color and location of their "teammates" even if it is, according to physicists, constantly (no one tells you with what speed) and by changing the current situation a "demand "transmit to each other the right gluons. (It's hard to say what is in the kernel dominant? whether the demand or offer. And what ever causes the quark to send his gluon?).
So quarks apparently had both a quality individual, sight 'positions other quarks and perhaps even common superfast detector and the detector current state colors of quarks, or otherwise they nonexist! With this, the ‚technical equipment‘  should perhaps go handle color interaction of two quarks, but in each nucleon quarks are said to be the tree quarks A big problem here arises: What does a quark, such as green, when it heads to him together with their colored gluons remaining two quarks: red and blue? Simultaneously sends to both quarks the gluons with right colors? First of all, where he is collected them; should do at any moment only one particular color. A general: unmistake it? Who's in charge? Another, a nuclear engineer '? As the resulting color will be the quark, while at the same time absorbs red and blue gluon? At that moment, the balance of the nucleon, as the colors are concerned, the following: 1 blue quark, 1 red quark  and 1 about something like purple quark. Don‘t crumble such color nucleon? Nuclear physics this probably does not excite. The nucleon it must somehow cope, when he's so "smart" physicists invented! Physicists have determined that it would be best if the gluons is an 8-color type .. Let's not forget that the "colors" are not true colors as we perceive it. It is in fact a distinct physical properties (such as the mass, spin, or electric charge), which, however, the lack of imagination of physicists do not have real physical name, so help out with colors. And they go so far as to talk about the resulting "white" color nucleon as if it were a true projection of a additive real color spectrum.
What of hadrons, there can fantasize endlessly: quarks and gluons are apparently invisible, intangible device. Yeah it's fabulates! Remind you mysterious virtual photons? They are also invisible, elusive ... Note: Anything official physics  can not logically and causally explain not depart from the vicious way, but invent it virtuals and envelops the problem to their invisibility and elusiveness. That's it!
But even the "visible" and "tangible" atomic nucleus has its own "flies". There is not a core composed only of protons (except 1H), or core composed only of neutrons. Why? We constantly declared attractive force nuclear force between nucleons is, after all, in the opinion of physicists, two orders of magnitude stronger than the electromagnetic, so the actual electrical repulsion of two protons than is a weak cup of tea and can not prevent the formation of nuclei only from protons, especially those of light (see picture) As Regarding neutrons there was nothing left not preclude the existence of electrical nuclei mononeutron‘s. Yet these "monomers" are not occur in nature! This requires that the nuclei formed with protons and neutrons substantially together. Otherwise it does not work! I have not read that this fact somehow physics official said. On the contrary, it argues that nuclear interactions between pairs of proton-proton, neutron-proton and neutron-neutron is almost equal intensity. So what prevents monoproton‘s or mononeutron’s cores that do not occur in nature at all? Once, according to Yukavy, the protons in the nucleus with neutrons exchange pi-mesons with the charge and the so was somehow "natural" way justified the indispensability of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. Pi-mesons, however, the nuclei of time'll pay ... Now is the strong nuclear interaction between nucleons interpreted as a residual strong interaction induced by the exchange of gluons between quarks in neighboring nucleons. I note again that the gluon interactions between quarks in neighboring nucleons admits the existence of a monoprotons and mononeutrons cores, because gluons do not distinguish between "us" and "strange" quarks; combine all said.
There's another important aspect: by Gell-Mann split unit positive electrit charge of proton between 3 quarks from which one-third has a negative charge. Was formed in the core of this curious situation: two protons adjacent to each other-oriented "swivel" their antipodes by charged: negative d quark of the first proton is oriented with the positively charged the second proton and quark together electrically attracted. Likewise, for each "snuggles" positive u quark first proton with a negative d quark of second proton. This means that between the two neighboring protons there is a double bond u-d binding  of four quarks in 6. Orientation and affinity u-d quarks neighboring protons documentsa picture. In this manner reduces the repulsive force between the two remaining u quarks which the mutual orientation of protons displaced on their outer side. I this situation illustrates the attached image.  

 Picture taken from the translation of books by authors from PDG: Particle Adventure

According to the picture the protons in the nucleus already do not act against each other as ammo, clearly forbidding monolith. In addition, the protons apparently still has always convergent, so-called residual nuclear interaction, supported the alleged exchange of gluons. There is therefore nothing in the Standard Model does not preclude the existence of atomic nuclei from protons only.
For example, physicists, authors of educational work: Particle Data Group sees it like this:
"Still, however, the question remains, what force holds the nucleus together - recall that the strong interaction, as we talked about it yet, directly affects only the quarks and binds them into hadrons.
Protons and neutrons, as well as other hadrons are color neutral objects. Note, however, that each hadron is composed of several color-charged quarks, color-charged quarks of protons so they can "stick together" with color-charged quarks from another proton, although protons as a whole remain neutral in color. This forcible operation is called the residual strong interaction, has sufficient strength for it to overcome the mutual electromagnetic repulsion of protons ".
So I ask: What then prevents the protons create their monomery?

Mention, according to the principles of QCD, the possible construction of four and ten monoprotons cores.

In this way it is possible, according to the Standard Model (SM) and the principles QCD, creating a proton-proton bond in the atomic nucleus without, neutrons participation! Because, according to SM, protons reportedly composed of three quarks together filming their quarks with opposite electrical charges. (As seen in the figures) gives rise to multiple electrical u-d ties between protons. Proton with three quarks in the nucleus is not a charge monolith as it is commonly presented!  

Something hell, is wrong! The amount shown by proton monomers although, according to the model described the behavior of quarks in the proton nucleus, could be as well, simply exist not in nature! And what they claim is their probabilities of quantum physics? What is theoretically possible in nature with a certain probability takes place. The theory of nuclear forces based on indifferent gluons and "fragrant and colorful" quarks with fractional electric. Charge is obviously defective, artificial and  fyzmatic! Proton (as well as neutron) nuclear monomers no exist in nature! Therefore, it's time to put to rest the quarks and gluons, which allow conditions that exist not in nature!
As I wrote: In addition to hydrogen (also is no proper atomic nucleus), there is an atomic nucleus without proportional participation of both types of nucleons. Participation of protons and neutrons is therefore fundamental, indispensable condition for the creation of atomic nuclei! This must be the alpha and omega of any serious theory of the atomic nucleus! From this premise based and model kvarton model of vacuum (KMV), see the extensive discussion: Socrates sensational universe (
It is assumed that in addition to the two already known antipodean interactions, charge and mass, there are still tons increase. to group P-N affinity between protoelements (abbreviated protoels) groups P and N. And just the P-N affinity between two close protoels (p) and (n), between protoels with same mass podity plays a key role in the nuclear coherence of protons and neutrons. Likewise conveys to group cohesion between antiprotoels (p) - (n '), i.e. vakants of antiprotons and antineutrons. To group P-N affinity plays a particularly vital role in shaping kvartons, ie primary,construction' elements of vacuum. Without affinity to group P-N afinity would lose its meaning kvartons design, compact unit perfect two antipodean pairs (pp ') and (nn'). Without P-N affinity would not these solitary antipodean pair does not combine in perfect shape vacuum-kvarton bounds with triple bond. Without P-N affinity vacuum formed by heterogeneous mixture of free antipodeal pairs (pp') and (nn') which are, by KMV, vakants of neutrinos. There would be not a charges leptons, ie electrons and positrons. There would be no atoms and therefore haven‘t created celestial bodies. It would be different, fairly monotonous "massless" universe!
It can therefore be concluded that the same P-N "power" that "holds together the basic building block of the vacuum – kvarton  "hold" together protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus, and paired electrons in orbitals of atoms and thus creates our world. It is also a logical answer to the above idea: why theres no monoprotons or mononeutrons core. Without adequate participation of both types of nucleons  is not "core" P-N affinity nuclear power.

Now, a few sentences to nuclear structure between protons and neutrons. "Owing to" charge neutrality of protoel grupy N (otherwise vakant of neutron), thisbinding p-n interaction ultra short-range (<10-(15 m). It is likely to group P-N bond (vakants (p) and (n) (ie, between the proton and neutron) takes place mainly on account of external mass of  protoel (n), ie vakant of neutron. This would also explain why the neutron in the nucleus normally disintegrate.
 (He do not decay in the core (compared to the free neutron) is sufficiently higher than the proton mass, does not have enough mass on the creation of a viable vakant of pi meson.)
This apply in situations where the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus is optimal and neutrons are strongly bound P-N bond with protons and have a very reduced mass. But when he finds himself in the core  neutron, which is not sufficiently bound with protons and is therefore insufficiently reduced mass to the proton, so that the kernel can also "break up" to the proton + electron + neutrino. Which, in the case of very heavy atoms with a large excess of weakly bound neutron is like.

The "selective" situation P-N bond protoels (p) and (n) in the nucleus demonstrated by the fact that there is no stable nucleus with 8 nucleons! Such artificial isotope quickly decays into two helium nuclei. Constellation 4 nucleons (2 protons and 2 neutrons) strongly resembles the structure of the vacuum element, kvarton. For protoels (p, p‘, n, n') with the strongest possible bond in the universe.

Take into account that the configuration of two protoels of group P and two protoels of group N, or paired PN affinity, accompanied by all known non-electrical connections: 2P +2N together form the basic "building" element of the universe-kvarton, even the most compact atomic nucleus of helium, 2He, as well as pair binding of two electrons (p'n) + (pn '), the orbit of an atom. It is not a coincidence! This is apparently the majority principle arrangement of all matter in the universe. Configuring a triangular pyramid with four protoely (2P +2N) at the top is dominant in the universe.

Kvarton‘s model of the atomic kernel can do without crutches tri-color bottom, top, strange, charming, bottom and top quarks and gluons and their fragrance, which apparently all this junk holds together.
KMV only works with vakants of protons and neutrons, protoelements (p) and (n). Some people may argue: instead of quarks invented P-N affinity. Yes, P-N affinity based on the empirical fact of the existence of atomic nuclei as parity community protons and neutrons. For this an indispensable condition for the existence of nuclei must be a general principle. And that is a mutual affinity group protoels P to protoels group N. Thus vakants elementary  particles well known and experimentally proven, including their physical properties that are totally tributary basic physical standards.
In contrast, the quarks are artificial, fyzmatic artifacts for their physical behavior, it was necessary to deny the generally applicable laws in force during physical fields and admit their opposite pattern depending on the distance changes. Nothing like that is needed to "construct" to describe manifestations of P-N affinity between protoels (p) and (n) those elementary particles of protons and neutrons.

Small dollop:
What brings to physics KMV?
or 9 good reasons for KMV:
1 / First of all, clearly justifies very little to no mass of  leptons in the its ground state, caused by a combination of the two antipodes within their vakants. The mass of this duons is the algebraic difference between the basic masses brought together in the antipodes vakant. Duons-leptons are possible antipodes halves of kvartons. Apart from the main mass antipodes that is common to all leptons, applies even antipodes of charge (pp' P-neutrino) and group P-N affinity for leptons with charge.
2 /Clearly it models the mechanism transmutation of leptons with nucleons. It is a short-term contact configuration duons with the singlons. The natural way justifies why do not run confusion neutron with antineutrinos (n) + (nn ') and proton  with neutrino (p) + (pp').
3 / Electrostatic field KMV declares like the longitudinal polarization kvartons and their orientation along the axis (pp') on the source of polarization, ie vakant with electrifical charge
4 / Declares the nature of the compression nuclear power, as being the short-paired P-N affinity between protoels groups P and N.
5 / Assumed perfectly spherical (resting) mass distribution elementary particles in the space around vakant (mi = M/c2) as excitation of kvartons surrounding space noncompensated mass (and charge) action of vakant.
6 / Mechanism interference of elementary particle on double-slit, which fully applies the principle: wave-pilot. Passage the excitation field of mass particles through two slits, formed two coherent sources pf mass field, that along the slit interfere and generate paths for which maxim leds vakants of particles to dispeji.This mechanism dispenses without a probability wave functions QED.
7 / KMV generally demonstrates the principle of spatial movement of all types vakants, at  all elementary particles, as a result of disruption of the spherical mass field of vakant, ie the establishment of asymmetry mass area
8 / KMV demonstrates the gravitational fields of the bodies as the resulting of additive, composite mass field generated by all vakants in the area. (Gi = Mt/R2)
9 / KMV, an alternative to BB, explaining the existence of the cosmic background radiation and the so-called red shift in the spectra of galaxies, as a result of existence kvarton‘s material environment in which each of radiations pass by with to be almost negligible, but non-zero losses through. KMV does not need to explain the cosmic background radiation and the redshift of Big Bang!

All of this is extensively read in the Socratic sensational space and other guides texts on (